Channel requirements

no disrespect but wth is going on mods? you are moving things to “general“ that were originally posted to “found footage” or “cinematic” for reasons some of us don’t understand. perhaps a more detailed description of the channel requirements would be helpful… (at least in those two). thank you :green_heart:


Could you please send a byte which has been moved to general from “found footage” or “cinematic” to general? Thanks!


Sorry I’ve been away for a few days. There have actually been several, so I think a few people are just confused about the categories. For instance, in found footage someone posted a video they found on YouTube and added music to it. It got moved to general.


Yup. That should have been moved. The reason why is /FoundFottage would involve much more editing than just overlaying a song (which could also be copyrighted) over a video… Soon many more categories will be added and so people will find perfect fits for their own bytes. Following the rules of a category is important for all.

Hope that helps.

my stop motion byte got moved from cinematic to general. which was strange tbh cause I carefully thought out and planned each moment but i guess cause it was stop motion it was moved :woman_shrugging:t3: . Hopefully they start sending out notifications with explanations soon cause uuuhhhhhh slightly miffed


Based off of the rule description of /foundfootage, I don’t see how adding fitting music to a “found” visual is NOT considered “repurposing creatively”. There also seems to be some syncing between audio/visual.

Are moderators of the channels actual creators who use the channel they are curating? I can’t say I feel that is completely true.


Seems like most of the videos in found footage are videos w just music so this is why there is confusion. As far as copyright, I’m not sure what that has to do with why the video was moved to a different category. But thanks, I’ll keep that in mind I guess.

These are all valid concerns and will get in touch with the Internal Byte Team to see as to what is going on. Thanks for your understanding!


I realize it will be a lot more work, but I really feel the channel curators need to do something like what Instagram is doing at least.

I’m seeing more and more frustration by the creators as to why their content is being moved.

Without communication, the creators will get frustrated and produce less content, or just leave the platform entirely.

I know for a fact, I’ve stopped making a lot of different content, and am just sticking with a few types that I know are “safe”.


Hi there!

Ive gotten in touch with the Byte Internal Team! I was told that the byte which you mentioned should not have been moved. The category mods have been informed of this. Thanks for letting us know of this! If there is anything else please do let me know!



Did they explain why mistakes like that happen? I’m curious.

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I was informed that it is a very grey area… Due to the fact that some categories overlap significantly some bytes are moved from one to another. That is all I know! Hope that helps.


Interesting. I’ve only heard of bytes being moved to /general. I didn’t know they got moved in between the other channels too.

Ok cool. Thank you so much for looking into this :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if people will actually leave because of this, I just think it will lead to people not putting their bytes in a category at all (because it is optional so keep making whatever you want)- or putting everything in /general just to be safe. But the goal is to have ALL categories popping at ALL TIMES. It just needs some touching up.


I feel like bytes should automatically go into /general if no category is assigned

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I’ve noticed that only some of my cooking videos get moved from /madebyhand to /general. It seems to be according to the discretion of the mods.