Channel Organization Ideas

I got the notification, and I love the addition of more channels, but if we keep adding more, it will be so messy in the search tab, so I wanted to add my two cents and see if anyone else has thought of these.

  1. A list view instead of a column view, with a little alphabetized scrubber… or three, maybe four, columns instead of two?

  2. Pin followed communities to the top, and or use algorithms from re-byting and liking posts to push relevant communities to the top?

  3. Root and sub-channels like, /animals/cats, /animals/frogs, /kpop/btsarmy, etc…

Also, to prevent channel abuse, maybe a “Video is in the wrong category” option to flag a video?

I love how the app is coming together, and whether you hated or have seen these ideas already, thank you for you time community :’)


i agree with your sentiment and/or suggestions; the explore will be overhauled soon :small_red_triangle:

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Same as community channels (by creators)

i like that