Channel Mods have no chill

Seeing a lot of people complaining their bytes are being moved from the channels they originally posted in. Some, are justified, others are not. I understand that the content should meet the criteria of that channel, and the channels need to be relevant to work…but there should be some way to dispute it or have a say where it should go instead of the black void of /general. My goofy tiny dancing cowboy outtakes got moved from dancing to general…I don’t really care because it’s just my typical asininery. But if someone works hard on their stuff, posts to cinematic, it’s kinda insulting to move to /general. I say this with love, because I’m sure moddin’ (much like pimpin ‘) ain’t easy. The only general I like makes Tso chicken or commercials with Shaq.




I’m an idiot


Watch me flag that comment as bullying


Btw Zach King posted a VFX vid in /foundfootage on 6/29 and it’s still there. :man_shrugging:t2:




This is definitely a subject that has been popping up again and again, and still there is no significant change, and it’s getting really frustrating. I’m not one to really delve into the other “channels” and stick mainly to /funny, /general, or I don’t set a channel at all.

After seeing this post, I was curious to see if any of my posts had been given the “general” treatment, and lo!, behold the fuckery…

This post was originally under /funny - it’s a dumb pun, I was amused by it, so there. However, after finding that it had been unceremoniously moved to the /general channel, I got curious and wondered: Where did my post break the rules of the channel?

And it turns out…

It. Absolutely. Fucking. DIDN’T.

  1. The joke wasn’t stolen. How do I know? I mean, who the hell would want to steal a joke that bad? In spite of that, it was a joke, regardless as to whether anybody other than myself found it funny. [The joke: a guy sees a marine eating a subway sandwich, and refers to it as “seeing a submarine”. Oorah.]

  2. I definitely made this. It’s me, in the video, both sides of it, uploaded and posted to my profile.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if the mods are going to be so fucking stingy with what goes where, these “rules” need to be better defined. Enough with this subjective, “interpret at your own caution” nonsense categorized as “rules”. If nothing else, be honest about what’s really going on. Instead of “don’t steal jokes”, put in proper “make sure it makes the mods laugh/that the mods understand the joke”; instead of “all styles welcome”, put in proper “make sure it makes the mods go uWu”. I think, if that were to happen, creators will be more inclined to automatically put their posts into /general and save a step and the frustration/heartbreak felt when the post gets put there anyway.

Like I said, I’m frustrated and seeing these amazing posts by amazing creators shoved out of the rightful homes of these posts into, let’s face it, pseudo-/trash further exacerbates that frustration.


This seems to be getting worse, not better.

I like byte, I like the community

But when I look back any bytes before May 18th, and see that they all have had their channel removed? I see so many people’s bytes being thrown into general for “reasons”?

It’s not a good look.

I’ve said since the beginning, if something is heinous or blatantly breaking the rules of a channel, remove it.

If it’s iffy, flag it, and move it to limbo until the creator gets a chance to discuss it. Then either move it to general, or leave it if everyone agrees.

I’d much rather the channel mods act like curators of the channel, adding and spotlighting things that they think are great fits for the channel that are recommended or that they come across in their exploration. Showcase what is good vs tearing down other creators.

On the bright side, at least things are getting moved to general vs. trash. :man_shrugging:


Wow and think about users being able to create channels that they curate. Basically it could be like Spotify playlists. Some are made by byte, but others are made by people in the community. Now that would be epic


The moving of my posts has made me want to leave the app altogether. This problem needs to be addressed.



It would be like the evolution of the rebyte.


Oh snap. Rebyting to your profile and rebyting to a channel as two different options would be cool. That kind of mechanism would take away control from the Creator though I think.


Really glad to see a thread on this… basically nothing (besides cat content) that I’ve posted to a channel since the induction of the feature has stayed on the channel I selected. It’s the cherry on top after having struggled with the text overlays and audio not working.

To echo others, it is completely discouraging and the biggest reason why I’m migrating off the app.


I see this complaint in my feed DAILY. Some people have left because of it.

The mods should actually send something to the user explaining why they made that decision instead of leaving it open to interpretation. I’ve seen some users get moved to “general” to then getting taken off the category’s entirely. This makes people feel like they’ve been shadow banned and leaves a very bad taste in the air.

I don’t know what’s happening but an explanation when getting moved would be top notch.


I noticed the zach king post. I’m honestly all for the “channel” joke. I used to make up funny geotags on Vine that played off/related to the content I was making. Unfortunately, the byte mods have opened up Pandora’s box and there is double standard here lol. Can we just be consistent?

I’ve had one post moved to /general, and I’ll post it here. I originally posted the byte in /cinematic. The only reason I question the move is because I use a similar technique in a lot of my edits and those bytes have not been moved from the /cinematic channel. Ironically, the byte consisted of recycled clips from /cinematic posts I posted previously…

Again, I question the consistency. I haven’t mentioned this out of fear my other (or other creator’s) /cinematic posts will be moved. At this point I don’t care, I just want the byte mod team to be get it right for the future…

Post that was moved:


byte Creativity First! (But only if it’s exactly what our mods think is creative!)


I don’t why they don’t just make the channels for us to select and then have different categories that are selected by the mods like the spotlight section? Combining the two seems like a recipe for these kind of misunderstandings


:weary: I made a song byte and it got kicked out of music makers. Was it too funny a song to be in music makers?? Does it belong in the trash section? It was a song and I made it so I’m confused :cry: I thought it was pretty chill compared to my usual weird shit


Omfg I thought that song was hilarious? Whaaaat?? (Shoulda went in funny category)

But still it was definitely an original song?


Yeah that’s annoying
Pretty sure my animation one was correct on my recent byte I know who’s doing it too and they’re doing it on propose…

Jk :laughing: …I think… but the animation one has the (motion graphics) in it and I think that was mine… or the (and more) part…