Channel moderation - it's chaos out there

As a viewer I’m completely lost on what to watch tbh. I mostly search for my friends manually and like their stuff and then close the app.


That’s exactly what I do too @_Orange


I agree. I believe some channels are okay to have an automatic moderation integration but there are a few that need to have steady eyes on. For an example /skateboarding majority is non-skateboarding related. If new users come on the app and want to watch skateboarding videos they will go to /skateboarding category.

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Some channels are easier to moderate than others. If it doesn’t have skateboards, it doesn’t belong in /skateboards. No rats? Get out of /rats

Other areas, like /funny and /foundfootage require a bit more thought and interpretation.


Right, I believe the ones that are easy to moderate should have at least one person in there watching the channel. The other ones need to be looked at very carefully. Obviously it won’t be easy to interpret some content that will be published in those categories but I think it’s do able. I was in /mems and found pornography and reported it immediately something like that and other content are easy to filter out

I’ve been so un-motivated to post because I haven’t even been motivated to open the app in the first place. Every few days I’ll go to the list of people I follow and catch up with their single-creator feed, but I’m a mood watcher and my favorite was going through channels. I cannot do that anymore, even the ones that aren’t blatantly abused are full of empty-content like lipsyncs and walls of text


I see you peeping at my post :eyes:

:joy::joy::joy: so true, my problem now is that because my interests are the same as the newcomers I get a lot of minors showing up on in my mix.

I don’t mind the influx of younger users. It’s I can’t follow them :disappointed_relieved:

Must… resist… urge… to gatekeep…

People are gonna make what they wanna make. Most of it will be shit and a lot of it won’t even make sense to most people. The kiddos are still trying to find their audiences

Nearly all the channels are awash with tiktok refuse but I don’t see that lasting forever. I say the rest of us just need to step up production and show em how it’s done

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Even if we rolled back the original channel moderation system, I think it would just cause more chaos.

If people just get their stuff moved with no explanation, and no way to appeal, it’s going to upset them.

If there are no repercussions for spamming a channel with posts, you get the current :wastebasket: :fire:.

If we go back to old mod, alttok is going to just furiously spam the channel in retaliation.

There are people I alttok who have posted over 200 videos already.

Would you want to be a mod doing nothing but deleting spam?

finding the needles in the haystack is the best part

They ruined the rat channel too???

I will personally moderate some channels. Put me in @dom, I have work to do

Edit: after reading all the other comments besides getting angry at the news about rats, I see how frustrated everyone else is. I would like to reiterate that I’d be happy to mod some channels. Just let me take hashtags and channel tags off until spam posters don’t feel like spamming.

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That’s just exactly what channel moderation needs, an explanation why it’s so and a solution in how it can be resolved, it’s a win win

I don’t think it requires much of an explanation, really

“Yo why was my SHIT moved?”
“Because that’s not what the category is for I put it somewhere more relevant to the content so people can actually find it”


Except that’s not what happened before.

Your stuff just got moved to /trash (which upset people), or /general.

What was really upsetting was when someone thought there stuff was appropriate and got moved.

There seemed to be a lot of “this isn’t ‘channel’ worthy!” and gate keeping.

It’s why I keep pushing for the curating idea.

Make good content, and it increases the chance that a channel curator sees it and adds it to their channel.

This helps remove the “what channel will this get the most :eye: on my stuff” and lets people focus on creating.

Where the old mod system had the feel of “oh this isn’t ____ enough in my opinion, remove it from my sight!”

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I’m not saying how it was, I’m saying that’s how it should be. It SHOULD be that simple.

Like I said before it would be easier in some categories more than others

If it’s a video in /skateboards and the video has nothing about skateboarding, it gets the boot


Or if a video in the rat channel doesn’t feature a rat in any fashion or form, chug it to general period :roll_eyes::joy_cat:

Or /alt, let’s be real, most of the videos would belong there anyway