Channel Categories

I know this was suggested before, but since it has been months, I think we could have more premises for why this should happen. ahem

since it is possible to suggest a channel, and that people are moving in from TikTok, I know that there are going to be quite a few channels that will be suggested, and that is going to fill up the page. So I think that we should be ready to categorize them.

For example, we have /musicmakers, /singing, and /beats+rhymes, which are all music channels (or at least they are supposed to be treated like that) so they could be put in a category called Music.

Another example could be how /funny and /memes could be categorized as Comedy (or something like that)

however, since /general is supposed to be general, I think that would be the only one that wouldn’t have a category.

What do you all think?


That was literally how it was in the beginning. The issue in the past was that the channels were too broad.

They were separated to make it easier for people to find what they wanted.