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Channels have become void of any use it seems with the influx of new fame hungry users posting in every channel to get to the top. I personally loved the idea of channels and the set of rules each had, in particular I like to create bytes in app and house them in /noupload. It was also obviously an important tool for discovering the content you want to see.

I guess my question is how is it moderated? Am I right in thinking each channel has its own moderator? If there’s a struggle currently with moderating (certainly seems to be!) then I’d happily take a crack at it :sweat_smile: I’m a stickler for the rules! :rofl:



Mods for the channels have been paused due to the fact that many of the channel mods were not really looking at the content at hand… A lot of stuff was being moved to /general and that was not okay. Im guessing dom and the internal byte team still mod a bit on the app but rn its mostly an honour system where we ask people to follow channel rules. Eventually mods will come back (imo) and hopefully everyone will be good! This does not mean that there are no in app mods that moderate the content. There still are people who go through all the flags and reports on the app to make sure its appropriate for all.


Word up. The channels are now virtually useless; flooded with content that does not seem thoughtful or artistic. That said, I am searching for new users to support amongst the clutter.


heres the link to doms thread about what niko said. It’s unfortunate that the mods got removed JUST before this whole burst happened, but i can assure you that the byte team is working on getting more moderation going soon which should really help with the chaos


Thanks for the info, I’d really like to see some good modding going on haha /no upload is basically all uploads :pensive:


Thanks Faizal :+1:

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no problem

Old channel mods rn:



old channels mods rn
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