Changing Your Channels

If you post it on the wrong channel (example instead of comedy it is experimental) you should change it instead of deleting it and reposting it


Hopefully, Byte considers


This would be good. I mean I haven’t run into that problem but if I did I would love to be able to change up the mistakes for that byte.


I also would love this idea. I have forgotten to put my bytes in a channel before, but by the time I figured it out I already got likes and I didn’t want to lose them.


This is an idea that I believe needs to be implemented, but I think the devs’ concern is that people will abuse this ability, so maybe there should be a limit on how many times you can change the category.


Hope its not abused but would be nice. Its easy to forget to select a category


This thread is old but can we please get this??? Especially with all the new channels we are getting!! It would be useful to be able to edit the channel they’re in.


Bumping this since all of the new channels/categorys we are getting. it is useful

Exactly! Thank you

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Issue with this could be abuse of the channels to keep your bytes up top. There would have to be coding for keeping bytes in the correct timeline.


I didn’t think about that. But yes if it could be closed to just go into timeline in the correct spot is what I was assuming and think that would work.

The simplest solution would be to just pause and review what you’re about to post. If it’s really a matter of concern then one would think you would already be doing this.

I’m sure most of us have seen that mods were moving bytes around before so it’s obviously something already possible in a way. Perhaps it’s something that could just be requested through email to the team?