Changed my mind lol TY Byters (:

Haha ayye, thanks a bunch bro, I appreciate it, trying something new so I can kind of stand out from all the other types of Bytes


Ohh lmao like a shoutout for shoutout page ? Is that how some people got viral?

Yeppp lmao that’s why you keep seeing the same people on the popular page all the time


Bro, you average over 100 likes on each of your posts, one of them is at like 700 likes. Most people having trouble with engagement get like 10 to 30 likes.


Hmmmmm… :thinking:


I follow you for a reason on byte and I extremely enjoy your content. Your content is different compared to other byters, some has inspired me. You’re unique for a reason, I noticed you’re very active on byte and very humble (positive). It’ll eventually get better and better late on, after mass improvements and algorithm update.

Long term you’ll be successful and it only takes by being patient.

Reasoning why I’m still here is because of this (view)
cc. @PlasticRice

Screenshots of Rebytes

& more


hey man, thank you, I gotta apologize too, I havent really been watching your Bytes and showing you some love too, I try to engage with all the Byters that are on the same level as me :sweat_smile: I’ll be looking out for your bytes and support ya :smile:


Alright let’s talk about followers. I have about just under 600 followers and 143k loops. If you saw that thread the other day, there are people who have like 1.8k followers and 30k loops. That put me on tilt.

What does this mean?

There are people who are mass following (and possibly unfollowing). If follower count is your measurement of success, then stop making content right now and go follow 5k people. The conversion rate is probably about 20%. I’ve learned to accept that followers mean nothing here.

However, more followers means a bigger viewership/potential audience. That gives people like you and I incentive to go on a mass following spree and hope that people follow back. What dom has done however with the recent update is realise that if you have a high follower count, it will affect your status on “Popular”.

In my opinion, Popular should be deleted, and so we are left with only My Mix. If you haven’t had the chance to check it out, it pretty much gives everyone a personalised watch list. Good videos will show up here. In my opinion, especially with the recent launch of My Mix, now is the time to create content, so that again, when the people come, they’ll be recommended your stuff.

I know it’s hard, especially with the decline and lack of engagement (I get tilted every damn day), so perhaps take a minor break. I had to a couple of times.


you’re right, maybe i look at the other big byters too much and thought that I could get as “viral” as them…


I really don’t think there is any problems with your content it is more just to do with popularity of byte slight slowing. However the creator expected this. Hopefully it should pick up soon and you feel the benefit of this. Regardless, well done for you as a content creator trying to better yourself and your content. That is very commendable x

Also you honestly don’t know how happy that makes me feel that you sing icarly sometimes because of me. That is something so small but soooo big at the same time. Thank you for making me laugh with your bytes. When I scroll through your posts I am always excited to see what’s new :blush:

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Dude, you’re honestly one of those genuine big byte creators who shows love to everybody even if they’re not in your circle, and the reason why I started doing the same thing ! You’re really good with engaging and communicating with the community and I hope you get more recognition too. Haha now I understand what that rocket emoji you always put out means hahah, lets reach the top together :slight_smile::slight_smile::laughing: :rocket:


dude the app hasn’t even been out for a full month. give it some time. it’s too early to give up :slight_smile:


that’s very true… sometimes I think Byte has been out for longer than that haha but you’re definitely right

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  • your content is good
  • your numbers are pretty good too actually for where we are right now. i don’t get many more than you and i founded this app, and vine. my videos are worse than yours though. but anyway, we’re in a quiet period right now
  • i saw this mentioned, but definitely don’t follow a bunch of people just for engagement. that’ll penalize you in the future (and already does with the thirst filter change)
  • also as mentioned, algorithm improvements are on the way! you will notice some nice changes but they’re not going to magically fix everything right away. we’ll get the algo into a good place and then focus on bringing in more people into the app after that

tl,dr: it’s a quiet period but your content is good. do what makes you happy and don’t stress too much. it’s a marathon, not a sprint


@gemikun do you believe us now :joy::joy: the founder has spoken


^ keep at it gemini :heart::love_you_gesture:


Yeah. It’s my trademark basically, and you nailed the definition. Everyone at the top and help each other :rocket:.

I’ll say this I’m not a “big byte creator” don’t let the #s fool you, it’s because I show love on other content creators and they return. I, struggle to pull in a certain amount of engagement on my page/post. Some of my content flops but I continue to grind because of the support I have behind. I’ll continue to support you whenever.

However, I’ll say this 90% of my followers are creators and I barely gain followers. Some don’t get seen by them until it pops off.


thank you @dom, for taking time out of your day for this, i feel honored lol. I guess I just gotta keep pushing more content and not give up like I almost just did. Also thank you for creating this beautiful app !!! appreciate the hard work :fire::heart:


Yeah I’m still shook haha, but it also shows me that this app is so genuine and even the founder himself engages with us. I’m just falling more in love with this app now lmao


Just checked out your channel, really love the chose your adventure idea! And I realized I’ve been seeing (and enjoying) your videos every so often and forgetting to follow each time. Keep your head up! You’re doing great!