Change Themes

It would be great if on the app can change themes on our profiles instead of being green if you all understand what i said comment. :smile:

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Yup, that would be cool just like the first app, but i think a lot of new colors could be amazing ( or that we could choose from a palette :art:)


There’s a similar thread to this :slight_smile:. I agree it would be cool to have the option to customize your profile.


When i had vine i didn’t know if it could change theme lol i never had the time to find those features.

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Yeah it would be cool.

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Ohhhh i see, idk how I find it hahha mine was pink :joy::cherry_blossom:

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I think mine was purple but it was automatically themed already I didn’t changed it.

i changed mine to blue

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It was pretty amazing hahaha i loved it but i think that the colors could be more diverse

Cool -8charss

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