Change my mind

Kids today decide what is cool tomorrow. What does gen z like right now?

Fav Music genre
Fav App
Fav streaming service

What do you like?


hi there, so I’m gen z and i don’t really stick to one genre but my favorite song is WAP, UHM, my favorite app is byte, and my favorite streaming service is hulu.

Wtf is WAP haha

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its a tad bit explicit but here’s a link


Music. Pop now is basically r&b with some pop elements so idk what to tell you.

My favorite app YouTube. Free endless entertainment

And I liked Netflix but they’re wierd so I’m gonna say YouTube because they basically are one​:eye::lips::eye:

Wet ass pussy

p word sdkufksedfgh

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It’s blurred :skull_and_crossbones:


It’s very fascinating for me to see kids gravitate toward a completely opposite genre of music I grew up listening to.

Like I thought rock and metal was dead and done for. But now I see elements of rock in modern rap music. But now you basically have to be an influencer who ALSO makes music. It’s very strange but it’s also the future of music.

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Yeah. Tbf pop in 2020 is basically a mush of most music genres. Some pop songs go full-on 2011 Katy Perry and some other songs are basically r&b with some elements from other genres. At this point, if it wasn’t for Ariana grande pop would be dead on its grave😂. On the influencer side, I think it depends on when you became famous. Some singers are more active than others and some of them don’t post about their personal life at all.

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I think if you’re a solo artist in today’s society and trying to make a name for yourself DIY style you probably are better off marketing yourself as being an influencer at the same time IMO

Yeah. Like. You have better shots at being Instagram famous or getting tiktok famous to promote your music than getting actually famous on SoundCloud for example

I’m also very picky about rap music. I basically don’t listen to male rappers anymore :joy: the industry is run by women now. Plus I simply don’t like to listen to rappers talking about body parts they don’t own

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My favorite app is TikTok sorry I don’t really have any favorite songs but I like artists like panic at the Disco, my chemical romance ,one direction, Selena Gomez, Gorillaz my favorite streaming service is Netflix


Those were all popular bands over 10 years ago! Crazy

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im gen z (14-16) my favorite music genre is alternative specifically the front bottoms, melanie martinez, waterparks, david bowie, lana del rey etc. my favorite app is probably instagram, and my favorite streaming service is netfilx but i use hulu more atm because im binge watching bob’s burgers.


kpop n ariana grande

i love u

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