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Hey, first of all I didn’t find any thread with this topic but if there is one, let me know so I can delete this. But back to the subject, when I used to be on vine you could always view the loops above each vine post. Example on this picture. I think the Byte team and @dom should change the loop layout so the loops are in focus on each byte and could easily be viewed above each post instead of being in the comments section. I think in that way Byte will stick out from other apps even more. :slight_smile:
Let me know what you guys think.


I remember on vine, watching videos and seeing the loop count going up over and over. I think this is a good idea lol


I agree, I also like seeing the “liked by …”

it was in one of the past betas


Maybe cus people choose to skip or view bytes based on it’s popularity.

That’s the reason its hidden so that it would seem worthy for the viewer to watch it.

(For example; You wouldn’t wanna watch a video if it has 3 views on YouTube…you’d rather watch a similar video having 3m views)


but if so then it’s the same with the likes.
You wouldn’t like something that has only 3 likes in 23h either or? And loops are always increasing anyways by how many who views it and likes is something you’ll have to give someone, so people would probably be more likely to skip over bytes with a low rate of likes


I think this is something worth trying, wondered why we didn’t test it in beta…

I liked having it, but understand hiding numbers is more and more a thing, with IG “hiding likes” even though they haven’t totally despite saying it’s going full app. Someone might spend more time seeing how many loops a byte has vs actually watching it, which can be pro or con of not displaying loop counts.

Is there truly one single metric that is most important to people when it comes to quality?
I have no clue, just like I have no clue why people follow, unfollow and refollow… even if I follow them already, cept for some freaky thing. Who only follows someone for a week, a day, 2 hours?

Having said all that, I am for showing loops, show all the numbers… it might influence people to interact with more popular content, but I’m not convinced not showing it, will get people to interact with more bytes they might not have with numbers. Maybe byte is gathering that data first before trying it and then they can compare which was better (?)

Vine would send notifications when you and/or your bytes hit loop milestones. I understand downplaying that aspect b/c for example people making shorter bytes can get way more loops, doesn’t mean it was “better”, just shorter.

I will say I do find it weird when bytes have way more loops than likes or way more likes than loops…
how do those 2 things happen?

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those were great times :weary:

It would be really nice to the loop counter visible while watching the video on parts of the app without Zen-mode turned on however, I’d love to know the reason why it’s only visible in the comments view if this was done on purpose.


Completely agree.

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I would love to see this added but thinking like Don for s moment he will probably say something like " I don’t want people to focus on the like count but more on the content itself" or along those lines. It’s one of the main reasons the introduced Zen Mode. I believe if it were up to don Zen mode would be a norm.

Oh it’s on purpose because Don believes in creating a focus specifically on the content and basically forget everything else. He feels that like counts, view counts and sub counts take away from the creative vision I guess. Me I am competitive so those things drive me more but not everyone sees it that way.