Chance of getting accepted to the partner's program

Is there full hope of getting accepted into the program?


Keep up with it bro and I believe there’s always a chance :100:


There’s always a chance, things are often unpredictable! :wink:


There always is a chance for anything in life no matter how big things may seem!


Does anyone have any info on if/when the second round of Partners will be initiated? Or if they’re doing it in groups anymore? They could just be adding people individually now. I haven’t heard any news/info on how they’re moving forward with the program following the first round.


(Just speculation) but I’m pretty sure it’s a 4 month cycle. I’m sure the team is privately working out the selection of the people that they believe should be selected for the partner program. Til then, gotta keep active and have an open mind :sunglasses::brain:


I mean, there’s hope for us all.


you never know. just got put in the work and give the people what they want. Might accept you then. Just keep at it

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I have been wondering the same thing. I would like more details to come soon hopefully.

any moderators or people already apart of the partnership program got any information on this ?

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Well there’s plans for the program to continue, that’s one of the main features of the app. How it will continue is a mystery. Just like all the features on Byte, partner program is in beta testing too. It’s a unique 1st, for an app to support ordinary content creators, non influencers not being chosen by looks and age and sex appeal. And the 1st 3 month partner contracts are an excellent example of what the app can do, but it’s still early days and how the partner program will continue is not yet defined. All we have is reassurance that the dev team are working hard to make it succeed and it will continue past the 1st 3 month test period. We are still in the second month period. The initial plan was for eventually many regular consistant creators become partners, but for now the app needs to go through more stages… getting out of beta with a complete featured app, marketing, sponsors etc… just keep making regular consistant content. The app isn’t dead, it’s a dip period, and when the app begins to grow again, there will be an incredible library of vids to pool from for new viewers to find… keep making the vids and together well work this out, an app for supporting content creators, but it’s going to take time… let’s hope the dev team can answer the questions about the partner program soon