Hi everyone!

In light of the controversy surrounding the last featured hashtag, I thought up a new hashtag.

If you’ve done a lot of comedy bytes, you can probably testify that it can be a bit embarrassing to anybody who sees or hears you filming your video (or heck, embarrassing to yourself if you’re self-conscious like me :crazy_face:). So I present: #caughtfilmingabyte.
The idea is pretty simple: somebody has to find you filming a byte (whether it’s somebody else or yourself) and it’s about your reaction to it. Your reaction could be one of embarrassment, shock, an “I don’t care” attitude, or something else. Just get creative with it! :blush:

This is me everytime I’m recording :rofl:

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Exactly! So I thought: why don’t we make some humor out of it? :laughing:

I like this! Just a heads up though, the new tag is #PetsInQuarintine


Well, I mean, it is a good tag, but not everybody has a pet. :man_shrugging:
But I honestly don’t care which one gets trending. I just want to propose a new trend, even if it doesn’t make it to trending.

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Oh yea absolutely :slight_smile:, just wanted to let you know that a lot of people will still probs use the Pets hashtag in the short term!

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