Category user ranking

so my idea is for each category (comedy, music, animals, etc) there’s a user ranking showing the best profiles for that specific category, BUT HERE’S THE INTERESTING PART, let’s say a user was #1 in comedy but now isn’t, on their profile it will say “former #1 in comedy”. kinda like books when they say “the number 1 new york best seller” because it was a best seller for a selected period of time.


So you mean the ranking should be based on views or followers?

Or there should be competitions every month where people nominate videos and after a voting the winner gets a badge on the profile like a medal or something haha :smile:

check out this thread :point_down: and post your ideas there :smile:

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But if there was a ranking for each category then the user should be able to decide in which category they are in due to what kind of vids they post e.g comedy > comedian


That’s a cool idea!!

I could get behind an idea like this.

I like the idea but the ranking will be weekly,daily or annually?

I feel like it would be troublesome to actively rank members. It would encourage the kind of environment that wound up kind of killing vine. Where the top are the top and no one looks at anyone else, y’know?

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I think it should be based on likes

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I think it’s a good idea, but it should say, number one the … like give the date

How about when someone is creating their profile, there are categories they can put their profile into?
Categories could be:

  • Comedy
  • Music and Art
  • Magic
  • General Entertainment (Fan edits, DIY, etc…)

The user would only be able to change their category once after they’ve created their profile (As they’re creating their profile they’ll pick a category. If they decide they want to change to a different category they can but only once - to stop category/popular page abuse).


People only saw the people at the top because of how easily abusable the vine algorithm was. Revine groups (like logan paul) kept abusing the same system and were the only ones being featured. Hopefully Dom thinks of a way around this/makes the algorithm more complicated.

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I like the idea, but I think it would make v2 be more like a rivalry type thing not like people uploading for fun.

I think that there should also be small emojis to represent their sector and if v2 is accessible online then you should be able to hover over the emoji and it would tell you what they are. @dom



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Oooh I really like that. Musicians could have a music symbol next to their name, artists could have a paint pallet, comedians could have the two drama face emojis/a laughing face emoji, etc…

This might seem crazy, but since verification has been a confusing topic, how about those symbols are the verification?
When someone gets verified, they’ll get one of these symbols depending on what they set their profile category to. This would make it a lot more interesting rather than just some tick next to a name. For example, if someone is a musician, I could click on their badge (the symbol near their name)/hover over it, and it will say ‘Verified Musician’, same with all the other categories.



you should make a new topic on this so more ppl can see

This is pretty creative

I really like the idea. Hopefully this wont create unwanted competitiveness to the app but shows who truly are the best creators.