Category Spotlights Not Updating

While the Discover Page’s spotlight continues to see updates, I’ve noticed that specific category spotlights have remained static since their introduction.

I figured that as something is added to the main Discover spotlight, it would also be added to that category’s spotlight section, but that hasn’t been the case.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the pupper with his bag, but eventually some other good dog should be up there


I have noticed this as well. I figured it was intentional but it would be nice to see new ones in the mix.


I was hoping it was going to get updated with the normal spotlight too. It feels a bit useless to me right now, since once you’ve gone through it there’s nothing more to do with it… ever.

I do think the staff might be a bit busy right now, so maybe it’s going to be addressed later?


The plan is definitely to be updating the channel spotlights regularly! Right now it’s a really manual process that means we have to rely on a backend update to put new ones in there, but soon it will be more seamless and regular.