Category reordering and Home page feeds: The normal version, original content, mutuals, by category, by hashtag, etc?

First, it’d be cool to be able to reorder the categories in the explore tab to put your favorites up first, and maybe hide the ones you don’t care about under a “see all” or something. For instance, I would put categories like pets and art at the top of my explore page, and probably hide categories like sports, fitness, and style.

Secondly, I would love it if there were more options for how to view the home page, and probably an option to set your favorite as the default view. If this did happen I don’t know how many varities of feeds would be doable/preferable, but here are some ideas:

  1. The default could be the normal vers as is, where it chronologically displays bytes and rebytes from everyone you follow. It works! (oh, and can I just give a quick shoutout to the fact that you don’t see multiple copies of a byte if multiple people rebyte it/if you already follow the orig poster, so you don’t see the same one 1000 times? thats fun, nice)

  2. a feed that’s just original content from the people you follow, no rebytes.

  3. A feed that’s mutuals only?

  4. By category, where it’s like the explore page categories except just from people you follow (alternatively, instead of this being put in the home page it could be added as an option alongside “trending” and “latest” when sorting withing a category, just add “following”)

  5. by hashtag, once those are implemented. (like by category, this could also just be added as a search option when searching by hashtag- “trending”, “latest”, and "following)

  6. and maybe just custom feeds in gen. For instance, I may want to make a feed that’s just my IRL friends, a feed that’s just comedians, or a feed that’s just the artists I follow, etc. For anyone who uses reddit, this would be like creating a multireddit (I assume other sites do this too, but I aint on too many other sites, so that’s the comparison i have)

Maybe switching between homepage feeds could be done though one of those hamburger menu buttons, by long pressing on the home page, or by swiping left and right when on the home page.

For this, it would also be nice if you could pick and choose which feeds you want displayed, i.e. if you don’t care about the “original content” feed, theres a check box in settings you can uncheck and it won’t even pop up. And of course since a lot of people would have a personal favorite feed, one of them can be set as what the homepage defaults to.

+, the ability to sort all feeds by latest/trending/etc?


up8: i would like the ability to create custom feeds even more now, because i have convinced several of my friends who have cats to join and i really need to make a feed thats just “my friends who have cats”, i feel like the ability to make a feed just for cats would really put this app on the map ya know? Give me the ability to make a 100% friends cats feeds, merci