Category moderation and report tools

Hi there! This topic has come up on the forums before, but no one from the staff ever answered (not that I could find at least) and I think it’s starting to get too annoying to ignore.

Is there or should there be a tool for category moderation? Could there be a specific way to report, and after a number of people reporting a same byte for category missuse, an automatic tool that takes it off the category? I am dying for a feature like this.

A few months back, people where asking (me included) for the option to tag a byte with more than one category, where applicable. At the time, Dom said it was not gonna be possible to avoid people using the wrong categories on purpose, like they did on vine. However, even with only one category, that is happening a lot. Every time I try to venture into a category I don’t frequent, I end up leaving because it’s full of completly unrelated content.

Is there going to be a way to handle this, as audience? Are there plans for moderation any other way?


Yes, please. A lot of people are making Comedy Bytes, but putting them in other categories to boost visibility.

I know sometimes it’s iffy. Like, some of my stuff I can’t decide if it fits more in wierd or comedy. But there is also blatant mislabeling. Like, yeah, you climbed a tree for this joke, but nature is obviously not the point of the Byte, so don’t put it in nature.


The one that has been anoying me the most has been the cosplay category. You can’t pretend to have blured lines with the category if you are literally just wearing normal clothes with no make up, doing what is clearly a comedy sketch


I still don’t know what the Internet (formerly Screenies) category is for

There would be a lot of shuffling and recategorizing between the Dance/Fitness/Beauty categories. I see lots of overlap there

I remembered bringing this up, I’m FOR this and I think someone mentioning unable to find my comment.


I’m sorry for bumping this up, but I’m desperate to give it more attention.

This has become an even bigger problem with the new Limited Categories (Which I LOVE)
The new categories are GREAT. They are a really distinctive feature that sets Byte apart from everything else, they are great for discovering new people, they help creativity flourish. But now everyone is posting to this categories, even when it’s not related at all.

We NEED some sort of audience moderation tool for the category abuse.


mmm i could see that tool going one of two ways.

  • Its explicitly only ever used for its stated purpose of removing videos due to misclassification (in a perfect world)

  • The second and less favorable outcome. It’s used to abuse the system by which videos make their way up or down lists in those various categories.
    i.e. someone(s) decide they don’t like someone and decide they’re going to(youtubes equivalent of reporting for the purposes of a dmca strike) report this video a few times til it goes kaput. There would be no way to dispute this if left up to a robot.

However, a way to fix this would be to add live, flesh and blood people to rolls designed around video moderation. This way everyone would be given a fair and unbiased chance to defend themselves if that were ever an issue.

basically this could either be a hit or miss: see attached gif

almost hit by car

I very mcuh agree with you, I do think that long term moderation would have to be human people (maybe checking the bytes that explicitly are community-reported?) but right now it’s a very big problem with a still relatively small user base.

I don’t think hate-bombing is getting started any time soon, so I think adding the tool right now and fine-tunning it as the app grows could be good. I mean, the request for adding bytes to more than one category was mentioned a couple times now, since categories were added, and the answer was always “no, because it will get abused”. However, categories are already being abused- If we are loosing a possible way to post, I’d like it so it’s at least woth it, you know?