Category labels on Bytes

I would prefer it that when I add a Byte to a category it doesn’t overlay the category label/link over the video. I find it distracting and sometimes interfering with the expression.


I agree. I feel like there’s not a reason for it to be above the caption and take up screen space. It also doesn’t really add any necessary context for the byte. I wish maybe it was only shown somewhere when you click to see comments.


Also with certain categories I feel like seeing “funny” or “horror” before the byte it kind of gives it away.


Add me to this too.

I’d almost like the ability to hide the channel and hashtags until you click on the comments.

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Labels on bytes should be the exact same kind of labels as you see on food denoting calories, sodium content, fat, protein, etc.


I would also appreciate if they weren’t as visible

So, mostly disappointing?