Category Email?

Got an email saying I was featured in the Beats+Rhymes category.

But I’m not when I check the app.

I have the updated beta. It’s not a big deal, but wanted to pass on the info.


That’s cool

Interesting o.O

Lit though!!

Ah probably just keep double checking. There’s a good chunk of bytes there so it’s possible that you may have missed yours!

I went through them all individually, I’m not there… unless they’re not all loading for me.

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Ah I see. If you go on your profile, the second to the most recent byte of yours was sorted into the beats+rhymes category. My guess is that they couldn’t fit all the bytes into the popular section, but one of your older bytes did make it to that category!

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That’s probably the case. But if so, I have to say that the email is misleading.

Seems like few are having this issue, could be an error from there end — reply to the email stating that your video doesn’t appear! :thinking:

It also could have been that it was in the popular section, but because new bytes were added to that channel, your byte may have been bumped down

This same thing happened to me… but I posted a video today after the update that’s my guess as to why I received that email…

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There are 2 views on every channel, one sorts by popularity, the other by recency. The popularity one doesn’t show all the bytes in the channel. If you got the email, that means your stuff was part of the original batch of bytes that launched the channel, so be sure to check the other view where you can see everything that was included. Sorry that wasn’t clear. :confused: