Category Design Idea!

I’m back again with new ideas for the new app. This is a new concept I made for a categories page. I based the colors off from what I could gather upon their site so far. Its a rough idea and unsure about having a big nav at the top of the screen just yet (more room for videos? or just to have a way to close the menu using an arrow). But this is why it’s a concept. Enjoy :smiley:

Leave your feedback down bellow, i’d love to hear them.



That’s pretty nice! I feel like too much space is being used at the top though.

Oooo I love the colors and fonts :heart_eyes:

I actually think the space is fine. If the byte layout did look like this, they could make it so that you have to tap it for everything to be shown, and if you dont, it’s its just the bluish color and byte triangle thing at the top.

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Wait, have you made more concepts? Also, I hope the real byte page will look like this.

looks awesome. but the video that dom showed, it didn’t have the top bar.

hopefully it will have a top bar

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I didn’t even realize dom leaked the new app, was this a live stream? Where can I find it online?

I love it.

i saw someone post two videos of it somewhere on the fourms.


I love this. Looks really good

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Very nicely done!

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I agree with kaden, this is really nice :+1:

Yeah, it looks great!

Thanks everyone! I’ll probably do an animation for the search icon tomorrow, I got nothing else to do lol.

lmfao, I forgot about the animation. rip…