Category descriptions for clarification

Personally, I want category descriptions for two reasons:

  1. There are a few categories which I myself am just plain confused on, and would appreciate a clarification for (What exactly is a “screenie”?)

  2. For some categories, it seems like a lot of people have different ideas of what they’re for, and one type of content that may not be the intention takes over the category. For example, is the animation category meant to be your own original animation, or is it meant to include any bytes that feature animation such as anime or cartoon edits? (there is another thread here asking for a new category to be made specificially for anime edits which could maybe help too). Is the art category meant to be your own original art, or can it be showing off other’s art? Again, should mini AMVs be included here or elsewhere?

The intention for some of these categories being unclear means that for some categories, you have some content being drowned out by completely different types of content. Part of the solution might be to make more categories


but it would also probs help to give some explaination of what these categories are meant for


customizing categories would be cool! Put what you’re interested in at the top and hide all the stuff you don’t want.

I didn’t write out the full description in this one here, since I had already wrote about letting us customize the category page in another topic, but i mentioned it here too cause it’s definitely at the top of my list for wanted features! especially if they were to add some more categories, cause it would really help to keep the list from getting too cluttered

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I think part of what categories are about will hash itself out as the app gets used more and more. We really need a stunts category though… There’s gonna be tons of folks doing skateboard tricks and backflips and all kinds of stuff like that and there’s no one category that encapsulates this sort of thing at this point.

Thats fair yeah, but its not like itd hurt or anything to have a 1-2 sentence description for each category, +it would help out newbies as people join in the future. Also, still have no idea wtf a screenie is.

Stunts would be a cool category tho, yeah

I do feel like there should be an “Edit” category for those who take original anime or videos and edit them with effects. I don’t know how much wiggle room there can be for this category, since it might violate “copyright infringement” laws. And Animation should be for those who make “original” content.

“Edit” is pretty broad, like way way broader than would encapsulate anime edits or whatever. It’d end up being filled will all kind of videos that are ‘edited’ I feel like

True, I just don’t want original content being shadowed by edited content (not saying it’s bad, but it takes credits away from the originators…) and Byte is all about creativity, so if someone wants to edit cool videos, that is perfectly fine, but adding effects to anime only is something that needs to be taken into consideration as far as copyright infringement is concerned…

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IMO people shouldn’t be sharing copyrighted content anyways. This platform will be way way better if people make their own original stuff. That’s not going to stop people though, I’ll bet, since already the bulk of content here is people reposting 6 second memes captured from TV shows and stuff

Eh, anime edits can get pretty creative, and its not as if not having an edit category makes them any less common, theyve been a thing pretty much since videos have been shared on the net. If you enjoy them having a edits category helps you find em, and if you dont it helps you avoid them, its a win-win.

And again, there are a couple of ways to clarify it so people dont get confused:

  1. call the category “edits”, cause at least in my mind that makes it a lil clearer that you arent just talking about any edited content. maybe theres another better name, but it could work

  2. add a 1-2 sentence description clarifying that this is for mini AMVs and stuff

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Yeah I saw one that was pretty dope after posting my last comment and wanted to take it back.

Anyways, I think “edits” is only clear to people who are already immersed in that scene. To anybody else unfamiliar with them it sounds like it’s for any kind of edited video, and would end up getting WAYYY more general content than even any of the other categories.

I notice the same kind of deal in the Pets category, although not to the same extent as the Animation category. Anytime I go to the Pet category it seems like every fourth or so video or so is furry related. Maybe there should be a Animal, Cosplay or some other category for furry Bytes? When I go to the Pet category I tend to be looking for cute cats, dogs, birds, etc.

Another idea could be having subcategories. For example you can go to Animation , and see a break down of categories like edits, anime, original art.


they did actually just add a separate anime category yesterday, and there was some discussion of an “edits” category too!

Personally if subcategories were made a thing I would rather those two not be grouped under “animation”, mostly cause those both tend to bury all the actual original animation under it since theres just so much of it. I think it works better if anime/edits are entirely separate, and animation could have subcategories like “3d”, “traditional”, “stopmotion”, “IRL”, etc.

they are working on hashtags, so maybe those could fulfill a similar purpose to subcategories, if you were to add “filter by hashtag” within the categories?

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I did get thinking about hashtags after I posted and the subcategories you suggested sound way better!

on another note! it’d be cool if in the screen it specified if we were on for instance the " explore" or " comedy category page", or even “john doe’s profile”! i get lost sometimes and end up going back to the home page and have to scroll down all over again