Category and Etiquette Clarification

Hello Community!

The Forums’ team and myself have been receiving a lot of inquiries about an updated outline for the categories, and expectations for both moderators and experts. With the expected influx of new members in the next couple weeks, days, and months we think it’s important that the forum be informed with how we do things around here. That being said, we are always looking for more suggestions, so if you have any recommendations/ ideas, do not hesitate to message the forum moderators on discord or on the forums! (also make sure to revisit the community guidelines) :grin:

  • Categories:
    1. General Discussion :large_blue_circle: - the general discussion category is specifically for discussion about the service (app). This can include posts about “leaks”, as well as general questions about the service. Make sure your topic doesn’t fit better in other categories before posting here!
    1. Ideas and Feature Requests :yellow_heart: - this category is for ideas you think would be cool to see on the service! You are also welcome to discuss these ideas on these topics.
    1. Hype :large_orange_diamond: - hype… is well… hype. Post about your excitement! We love seeing community engagement as the app is coming over the horizon.
    1. Youtube & Other Services :purple_heart: - this category is for discussion about apps/ services that are not byte. Feel free to use this category!
    1. Promote Yourself :large_blue_diamond: - promote yourself is for any type of self promotion. Including but not limited to, your social media links, work you have done on youtube/ other services, as well as your art! (do know that we will not support the sale of any products on the forums; posts like these will be handled on a case-by-case basis)
    1. Off Topic :green_heart: - off the topic of byte. This is a very versatile category as a lot of topics will be able to be sorted here. This category includes things like: forum games, random questions, and friendly connections.
    1. Forum Bugs & Feedback :grey_exclamation: : - post all bugs/ suggestions for the forum in this category. The forum team and staff will watch this category closely for any important topics! Feel free to use this!
    1. (and finally) Vids :video_camera: - a not very used category, but still a useful one. If you just created a new piece of video art, or watch something interesting, feel free to post it here! Just remember if you plan on promoting your work, use promote yourself. Come to this category for advice and pure sharing of your (or others’) beautiful videos.

Expert etiquette :bulb:

The expert pool is an influential part of the community; they are informed and active members of the forums and have been a part of the community for a while, which is why they’re experts! But in all seriousness, experts should be the examples of the community. The badge, the title, and the privileges are all important parts of the experts role in the community but they’re not everything. The forums team wants experts to be well versed and spoken as a unit to help set the groundwork for new users that may join the forums later.

With the ability to edit titles and change categories of topics, experts must ensure they’re making the right decision while doing so. Also we strongly encourage experts to post in a reply when they’ve changed the category, or the title, and provide a reason for doing so. If a member has any questions/comments/concerns about an expert we encourage you to contact the forum team on discord, or dm. Upkeeping the expert roles’ integrity is a high priority!

Moderator etiquette :shield:

Since the introduction of community moderation, the forums team think it’s important to publicly address the abilities, restrictions, and expectations of the moderators. Moderators are responsible for the upkeep of the experts, the members and the rules. Moderators have the ability to hide, lock, unlist, and edit posts.

We as moderators want to keep ourselves at peak performance and integrity; if you feel as if there is an issue with a moderator, or see a moderator abusing their power, we strongly encourage you to reach out about moderator conduct and actions. It is another top priority. If another member of the forum is harassing you, or making you feel uncomfortable in DM’s or even on the discord server we very strongly urge you to contact a member of the forum or discord staff team. We are here for you, always!

Thank you everyone for your attention, we can’t wait to see you guys on byte!

-Your friendly forums team :blue_heart: