Categories based on nationality?

There are certain jokes that British people would find hilarious but Americans wouldn’t understand, and vice versa. Same goes for all nationalities.

Maybe categories based on nationality would be useful in these instances?


So like region settings for your account. Depending on where you live you only see Bytes in that area. Good idea although the Byte staff aren’t immediately gonna work on this.


Yeah, I guess it’s similar to the way twitter recommends your countries/nations news.

Please don’t make it like tiktok where if you are from the Netherlands only people from the Netherlands see your video…that was really annoying for multiple reasons.


Agree with this, I’m thinking more like an additional category based on location that you can choose to view.


I see your point. Maybe for example if you upload your Byte in the Canada for example everyone one else (not just Canada) can see your Byte. But their should be a option if some users don’t want to see Bytes from a specific area.

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Yes! I think this would be awesome, but i’m multi-national so…

I guess if it’s based on a nationality that the user sets rather than something like gps location that would be better @Geds?

GPS location could work but it would work better if there was a setting instead.

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maybe configurable for each byte?

This would just likely dissolve into bashing and people poorly imitating accents.
It could also get racist.

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I’m British. I get lots of British humor.
I’m also american. I get american humor.
I don’t want to see exclusively US humor because that’s where I physically am.

So maybe no♥

Yeah, no. Every other app has this and it makes it so hard to find content I enjoy. I don’t want to see stuff from my region, and I don’t want people in my region to be the ones my content is delivered to.

Language configuration? Sure. Watching something you can’t even understand is frustrating. Regional? Maybe hashtag that.