Categories and Voting on V2

Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I wanted to share a few ideas for the V2 app.

First of all, I have seen a few threads while getting my head around the forum and have seen quite a lot of discussion around “new creators/artists vs old creators/artists”.

Depending on how @dom goes about this as well as the rest of the staff, why not introduce categories that boost new creators?
I don’t mean something like upcoming creator videos but what about a category where a filtered selection of artists under a certain following criteria e.g. “Creators under 10K” up to 100K or another figure can be set up where *he audience can vote (a possible feature) for their favourite video under these categories? That way, whatever video has the most votes under a placed time frame can be put onto a popular page so that they can grow?

I decided on an audience-oriented voting system because not only does it actually give people the opportunity to choose but it also prevents other artists with a larger audience to use their platform for bias e.g the “Make sure you all like this video” method that people tend to root for. It wouldn’t really be a yes/no situation but rather a selection of videos people can watch and then recommend for the new creator on the rise etc.

Just a thought!


I think on paper, the concept seems really fresh and unique and I think it would be an interesting opportunity, absolutely! I don’t know how active I’d dive into certain categories as a regular user if I know all the best v2 content has been subjectively put into a category that makes it more popular then others. For instance, would you rather go through a bunch of bad vines to find a good vine, or go immediately to the larger followed content creators and find instantly better content?

Don’t get me wrong, I think the idea is super incredible, but it would need to be worked on and developed a lot more.


Yeah I understand your point. It could work like a trending page similar to youtube, the only thing is, with Youtube, it’s the staff that choose what to put on the trending page or what they believe deserves to be on there so I was thinking off putting a spin on that and letting the users decide what trends by voting for it. Thank you for your input though :smile:

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wow…so a popular page where we decide who gets on through voting? thats a new idea indeeeed, but then again not sure how many would be active on the voting part, still great idea


Yeah well I’m hoping somebody hasn’t put the idea out because I haven’t seen any sorry! And maybe it could work where next to the “revine” and “like” options there could be a V or star or some symbol which means “Vote” and whatever has the highest amount can be put on the popular page. At least with new creators they’ll be able to expand their audience by being put on the popular page. Thanks for your input though :smile:

@woketragedy Hmm great idea!! I Think that this way, bogger artists & celebs will always be on the trending page because of their large following… In my opinion there should just be an algorithm that looks at the views/loops of a video compared to the followers of the artist that posted it. If for example the vid has 200 loops & the artist has only 10 followers than the vid should go to the trending page in my opinion. So I actually vote algorithm… but maybe we can work out the voting thing so that I change my mind :blush: great idea btw!!

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Thank you! And I think the algorithm between view+revine and follower count might actually be a better method. Voting may be biased or could go wrong if people forget to do so but maybe if it’s developed in a way that reminds people or viners could say “make sure to vote for my vine” like people say “Make sure to like and subscribe”, it could work.

Thanks for your input!

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Thats actually a great point


Thank you!

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