Captions over videos?

Hey guys, an idea ran through my head today. I was thinking about Byte possibly implementing a choice of putting a caption over a video or under it. Maybe even a choice of doing both. Putting a caption over a vid would be great if you wanna say things like “Me when…:” or stuff that uses “:”. Another benefit of this would be, the viewer can read a caption before the video plays. A lot of the time, especially on insta, I take too much time reaidng the caption rather than watching the actual vid and then I gotta watch the video several times to understand what’s going on. I think a caption over the video would make the caption fresh in the mind of the viewer while watching the video. I think this would be pretty neat and I would be interested in hearing what you guys think about it!
Instead of the caption being at the bottom, you can have the option of putting it at the top


By “over” the video I mean like a caption written on top of the video rather than below it like all social media sites have. It would be cool to have an option to do over or below it.


do you mean the captions that are like




Lmao well not on the video itself but rather like a caption over the vid. If they wanna say “WHO DID THIS :joy::joy::ok_hand::ok_hand:” than yeah lol


I’d like that happens to me all the time aswell


Sounds like a really cool idea

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Similar to Snapchat?

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No no like you know how captions are under the posts on Instagram? So I was thinking of an option to do it on top of the post rather than below it

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I belive IGTV has it that way already. I’m sure the reason it was done at the bottom on the Byte app is so it keeps the focus on the videos rather than the text itself. Since byte will be a 6.5 video loop, I don’t think they should read the title/caption first, as it will distract them from ingesting the Byte completely on the first viewing.

Picture this.
You’re on your feed watching bytes from your favorites and friends, you scroll down and get a new byte! As you are reading the caption you hear the sound effects or the punchline without getting a good view of what’s happening. Forcing you to watch the loop again this time already knowing 50% of the byte.

Not a deal breaker, but a personal pet peeve of mine, I hate listening to a podcast and checking my DMs, I loose focus on what I’m hearing/watching.


Ah yeah I see what you’re saying and that’s very true! I agree with your point on that it makes people pay attention to the video more rather than the caption. There could be some benefits but I can totally see how annoying and distracting it would be