Caption Text Color Change

I was wondering if there could be an option to change the color of your caption text. I’ve noticed that sometimes when you have a byte that is brighter or if the lower half is bright/white you can barely see the text. Even an outline or drop shadow would work but I’m assuming just a straight color change would be easiest to implement.


Maybe both a color change option+outlines and drop shadows by default? Because I also feel like some people would use the color change not for readability but just because pretty colors.

Maybe it could be similar to the way profile palettes work atm, where you have some limited options with a contrasting color. For example, half the palette could be a lighter rainbow with black outlines, half could be a darker rainbow with white, or each color could just have a contrasting outline.

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Maybe just give a black or white option


I think shadowing it would be the best bet or adding a background when it’s tapped.


Adding a background isn’t a bad idea either.


I Think They have to really do take your suggestions but also they to see how Amino App’s Background feature does. you know Amino Specially you can put the Background in profile. so I Would Think This Suggestion is not a Bad Idea.

Mods your Thoughts on This?

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