Caption ideas

Hello guys I need a caption for my new video. I‘ll pick the worst :heart::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat: be creative :smirk_cat:

@addisonre @Ciara @geo @egirlcreampie

What’s your video going to be about

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@FaizalDawx why this is about byte :pouting_cat:

Just me being stupid

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Not exactly about the app but about your own video on the app

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I’m sorry but you’ll have to come back to me in two days My mind isnt focused right now

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Well any ideas?

caption it “i’m stupid”


confessing my sins to a computer


omg it’s daddy dom


OMG DOM hdjshdjsj

Thats it. Thanks lord :heart_eyes_cat::heart:

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just shat in tha back seat xx

Hey guys I need new ideas :heart_eyes_cat:

I‘ll again pick the worst one :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:

When you go pee but then you forget how to pee

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i- BEN :sob::sob::sob:

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Can someone please give me another idea I don’t want to caption my video that :sob::sob::sob::crying_cat_face:

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