Capsule countdown

Hey guys long time no see, what’s up? It’s been quite some time, with many new faces here now. I just wanted to check on everything :blush:, in a day less than two weeks it’ll be time to open up our forum capsule Here’s your forum time capsule

I look forward to everyone and comparing the difference a year has made


thanks so much man, i forgot about it. set a bookmark timer for the 10th

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What’s a bookmark timer

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if you click the three dots at the bottom of a post, you’ll see a rectangle with a triangular shape missing at the bottom. Click that, and then it should be pretty intuitive to figure out :+1:

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Oh cool thanks


i read it, learned i have a lot more to do.



I’m waiting lol

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@arf I’m a few days late lol but can you unlock the capsule please :blush:

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Any mod actually lol

im not a mod anymore lol, i resigned a lil while ago, probably should have made an announcement post :upside_down_face:

@Benf could you unlock it?

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yes ill unlock

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