Can't upload video with text


I’m on a moto z2 force, and I’m trying to post a video which has text on it, made using the text tool in byte. for some reason, I can’t upload any videos with text. when I’m almost finished, the post button does not do anything. there’s nothing wrong with this specific video, and I tried taking off the text and it posted. I’ve even tried uploading a different video and putting text on that and it didn’t work either. Also tried reinstalling. Are there any fixes?


I’m having the exact same issue, except when I took off the text and posted the byte, the text was somehow back again?? I tried everything.

Yeah the exact same thing happens to me.

does it let you select a channel?

i’ve been having ths problem for a few weeks now (it never used to do this). it doesn’t even let you save it, it says the video needs to load even though it already has

the only solution for me, is to remove the text and just write it in the caption instead, then it lets me select a channel and post (also save) hopefully this bug is fixed soon!


this is exactly the same problem I’m having as well, it seems it might be a problem on android; to get around it you sorta had to relaunch the app which would save a draft of the video, then in the editor delete the text which would let it post. however, it doesn’t seem to work anymore (at least on my end).

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This is a bug on Android. I stumbled across a workaround which is really ghetto. Hopefully the team gets it fixed soon.

So, to make it work, get your text setup and move through the process to try to select your channel and post. When it doesn’t work, back out to the previous screen and delete all the text. Then, move forward, select your channel, and post. When the post goes live, all the text you deleted will be there.

Sorry there’s not a better way right now for us Android people.


that isn’t a bug. it’s intentional (for now at least)!


RIP. that will have to work for now, thanks :slight_smile:


tagging you so you can see stillinflux’s fix, it worked for me :slight_smile:

tagging you here so you can stillinflux’s fix :slight_smile:

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This is exactly what I have been doing. It works just a tad inconvenient.

I kinda dont understand what o have to do

basically, record a video, put text on it, then hit post. it won’t do anything, but that’s alright. hit the back button, then delete the text. hit next, and then hit post again. the text will appear on the video once it’s posted :slight_smile:

So, this is a pretty annoying bug. It acts like your byte isn’t ready to post so can’t select a channel, save to camera roll or post. Usually, if you go back to the byte camera and delete the text you added and then proceed it will post and the text will still be there. Give it a try and see if this works for you :+1:


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I have this same problem on my Samsung Galaxy S20

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I made a Byte. Hopefully it clears it up.

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check my other replies, there’s a working solution :slight_smile:

This is happening to me too, pressing the “post” button but it won’t send it.

Edit: oops didn’t read the replies, I got it to work now


Thx alot for thisss

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