Can't upload (4/2/20) [solved]

After trying to upload, I get a notification that says:

Post Error
Failed to create post: co.v2.model.d [1140]: action rate limited

Pixel 2, Android 8.1, byte beta version: 1.0.5


Did you just recently upload a video before that happened, by any chance?


I actually had this issue yesterday, so a lot of times if the file is from your phone you have to make sure you didn’t save it as a giant HD file, I had a HD clip from my phone that I made from imovie and it wouldn’t let me so I had to save the clip with a slightly lower quality and the app let me post it. Might be file size or Quality size that prevents it from being uploaded :smiley: hope i helped a bit


It was an issue with the video I was trying to upload, after uploading another one (different video) it worked.

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we pushed out what we believe is a fix for this last night so keep us posted