Can't select channel if using text tool in latest beta (Android)

I went to post a Byte this morning and spent some time getting some text overlaid on the video, but when I went to the post-processed screen and attempted to select a channel I was unable to. This only happens if there’s text laid over the video. I’m also unable to download the video (top right button) to pull the text-laden video and reupload – it tells me to wait for the video to start playing even though it is.

See a screen capture of what happens here:

I tried force closing, clearing cache etc to no avail. I’m on Android 10, Byte v1.2.2.


Having the same issue. I can’t even post if I have text overlays using the byte cam. Not sure if it have the same issue with uploads tho.


Mine was an upload, so it’s likely in both cases :sob:.

Dang, hope this gets fixed fast. :frowning:

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I’m on an S10 on android 10 on Byte beta 1.2.2 and I had the same issue with the byte I posted yesterday. Tried posting from the post button in the category and using the main post button, but when ever I added text using the tool i’m unable to chose any category. Tried force quitting and restarting nut got the same problem.

I used the description in the end and posted without text which worked fine.


AHH I have this issue! I’d call this a major bug given the new focus on channels tbh :sob:

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I am also having this problem with Android. Ended up losing a really great clip trying to deal with it, too.

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