Cancel culture

So tiktok is a place where anything that gets dug up from the past can eat you app all of a sudden. Someone who was a barbs was cancelled but that was years ago and now she’s cancelled for saying the n word. Now apparently Madison beer is leaving tiktok cos of a lip syncing video with n word in 2015 which she apologized for. All of a sudden she’s cancelled too.

It’s got me thinking about how toxic people can be. What’s even more weird is that there’s how people who aren’t black are more angry about this. Like relax.


I ask myself this everyday :exploding_head:



The culture is pretty toxic on there, which is pretty 4K by now, so I’m not surprised. Also, a lot of the big wigs on there are very young & haven’t had enough experience to know what is right or wrong to post.

All in all, Keep it away from me, I don’t want it :wave:t5::tired_face:!


The number of people who’ve been actually “cancelled” for minor things is essentially non-existent.

Also, no racial group or sub-identity is a monolith, but the kiddos I just saw who got kicked out of high school for their racist tik tok? It was largely black folks I saw calling to report them/for them to face consequences for their actions.

I’m not for automatically burning anybody at the stake or anything like that, but if you do something offensive, and then don’t apologize/act as if people shouldn’t be offended by it, there should be some form of consequence.


Tiktok definitely chose a young crowd to sorta “represent” their app.
Regardless, cancel culture is strong on TikTok. It’s a platform rife with dramatics…people get doxxed semi-regularly, lots of witch hunting for the sake of with hunting.


Theres apologizing for being caught and there’s genuinely apologizing before getting caught or cancelled you know? But some people choose to still shun them. Anyway the racists that do get caught are horrible but cancelling has been over used even in minor cases which can be resolved


Yes they enjoy witch hunting in there but the lil huddy being black thing is just a joke now

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Its getting worse now on there

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I wouldn’t be surprised if I blew up on byte and people found shit that I’ve commented in the past i dont even remember anymore


I think a lot of people also go wrong in their apologies when they say things like “i’m nor racist, it wasn’t my intent to be”.
Like, people like to think racism is something only bad, evil people participate in, and whilst obviously people who actively choose to be racist are evil af, most of us have been raised in an environment which encourages at least some unconscious racist thinking/actions. The goal is to become aware of that shit and stop it. Like, saying “that was what I did, regardless of what I meant that shit was problematic, I’m learning and focusing on improving”, would do a lot to help some folks.


I’m wise, I’ve study the internet culture, sometimes it’s fake hype and bandwagon in the mix


Or when they say I’m not racist my friend is black or my boyfriend is black and we have a child called Jordan/Jada . Like no Michelle you still can’t say that

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Oh my god that reminds me. Some ex-hockey player who happens to be white got in his feelings about something a black woman posted and got in his feelings about it and decided to harass her on the internet and when she called him out he was legit like “I’ve seen hidden figures ten times” :skull::skull::skull:


That’s a good movie I can’t lie :joy:. I bet he’d also I was invited to the cookout so I’m one of you now baby girl :skull:

Cancel culture is a big problem everywhere on the internet, but unfortunately this isn’t something you can just “fix”. The best all of us can do, individually, is be more critical or who is getting canceled and what for. Try to talk to our friends about it and change how they act around the topic as well.

Things I always check before jumping at someone’s throat:

  • Am I sure this is real? Between image editing and deepfakes, it’s hard for me to trust anything anymore. I now trust the wayback machine, snopes and having several testimonies of the same allegation before anything.

  • When was the problematic thing done? Was it 5 years ago? That person might have changed and grown. How are they acting nowadays? Also, where they a teenager/kid? We all do very stupid shit at those ages.

  • Was the problematic thing something serious that damaged/hurt someone else in long-term? Was it something that pushes a specific and very damaging agenda? MAPs, Nazis, Fascists and similar are actually pretty recognizable, because there are a lot of groups out there dedicated to dismantling them and they have info on how to recognize the dog-whistles and recruitment techniques.

As I said, you can’t fix this at a large scale. You can, however, try to change how you react, and maybe some friends/family that are willing to hear you out.


You see we need this way of thought but many people lack it. Always think deeply about something before approaching it and reach a conclusion


Yeah, but unfortunately it’s a lot harder than just seeing something and getting mad immediately. Our brains are designed to react to negative emotions way faster and with a lot more strenght. Researching and actually evaluating each case is a lot of work, and most people don’t want to put that effort in.

That’s why it’s such an individual thing. If you manage to change the way you approach it most of the time (we all fall for it every now and again!) then that’s one less person I guess. I try my best and try to change my friends and family in this regard as well…


I guess human nature gets the better of us


Cancel culture was massive before TT. People just love to be outraged and do as much damage as they can by nature.

People literally got cancelled on byte early on.


Cancel culture doesn’t exist in the way people seem to think it does. Can you name a single celebrity who’s career is over and they are blacklisted because they were “canceled”? The only one I can think of is Harvey Winestein and well, he’s a rapist so… :woman_shrugging:t2: