Canada Group

Hey guys let’s create a Canadian group so that in the future colabs will be easier and you’ll be able to find some one near your area :smile: I’m from Montreal sc: zeehsyed
Add your snapchat/IG/YT Let’s start a group!!! :slight_smile:


I would love to go to Canada :hearts:

YES, FINALLY A CANADIAN! Awesome because I’m also Canadian. I plan on doing comedic V2 videos.




YouTube (Gaming):

YouTube (Vlogging):

It’s tylerdonwinorw :slight_smile:

I think I’m close enough. I’m in that place in Michigan that isn’t really Michigan, but more like Canada. We even stereotypically say “eh?” all the time.

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Hey everyone I’m going to create the group tonight!!!:slight_smile: sorry it took so long I was on a road trip to Ontario from Montreal and lost my phone :sweat_smile::sob:

I’m Canadian too but currently I live in Scotland would I still be able to join? I move back in a few years but I totally get it if you say no :slight_smile:
All of my social medias are neatocheetho lol