Can we stop those self-harm prank and challenge?

Recently, there is a coronavirus challenge and some byters have followed the challenge. They did similar videos and licking objects in the public.

Can we or the byte team stop that challenge?

Also there are few self-harm pranks (eg fake blood to scare parents), those pranks are not funny at all, imo…


Community could just like… not interact with it. Market correction am I right


Wholly support this.

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I totally agree with this

Yeah. There are some I would definitely like to see stop.

A popular one right now is drinking through an empty :roll_of_toilet_paper: roll.

Aside from the whole - crazy amounts of fecal matter and bacteria all over that cardboard roll?

Do you know why everyone coughs like crazy when they drink through it?

Because they just aspirated (inhaled) liquid. Everyone gets a little liquid or food in your lungs occasionally, and the body does a pretty good job of handling it with no worries.

But what happens if you get a bunch of liquid? Dry drowning, or pneumonia.

Pneumonia means you need a respirator, and a ton of antibiotics to fight the infection.

If I’m a doctor and I have to choose who gets a respirator?

  • An “Influencer” who inhaled :poop: :droplet:?
  • Someone who got COVID-19?

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Ignoring it won’t make it go away though



I read an article today on how one TikTok influencer licked a toilet seat and now has the coronavirus. Stupid hurts :woman_shrugging:t5: All I can do is that the people of Byte won’t do the same



Yeah… good luck w/ this cause it’s been a consistent trend and it won’t stop. Anything that gets peoples attention/reaction :man_shrugging:t4:

I can suggest @dom that work on the algorithm and push these prank contents and self-harm contents down. And the self-harm contents will receive no like, no rebyte, etc If the user consistently post these content for getting likes, the whole account will get punished by the algorithm.

All we, as the users, need to click the report function, and the byte team can notice the content.

People will do anything for views and likes! At the end of the day it’s our own beliefs on someone’s behavior! Genuine if I don’t like the videos an their hurting their self by licking to get popular or making a joke that would offend someone very bad or myself then I don’t interact with that post. No matter what platform people will always do anything to get that 5 second fame :).

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Shadowban :skull_and_crossbones: is deadly (have a disclaimer or restriction mode that hides that)

Every few months, there’s a stupid and harmful trend - Remember the tide pods? Now it’s the toilet paper roll straws and the licking toilet seats is just plain gross.

I remember when I was younger, I thought I was being radical sniffing highlighters and markers :joy:


I hate when they put plastic over their head. A kid is going to do that! And the choking thing. Fine but take it to an adult only type of place.

Surely some of that content goes against the guidlines so i would suggest everyone reporting any accounts that don’t tend to follow the rules.

But yeah self harm isnt funny and doesnt need to be pranked or joked about in byte or even outside of the app its just messed up if anyone does.


I saw a parody of licking objects, but haven’t seen people genuinely doing the challenge - maybe I’m just lucky

I agree though, it’s stupid. I also agree that self harm pranks are in bad taste (they’re not really even a prank, it’s more of a vehicle to get an extreme reaction from someone)

Hover, I agree with @Lacieyl - it should be left to the market, and those videos will naturally be buried if people don’t like them.

That seems to relate to this section, although the wording seems to focus more on intellectual self-harm as opposed to preformative self-harm. And of course, a TOS is only as strong as it’s enforcement;

Don’t promote self injury, including but not limited to: suicide, cutting, and eating disorders. You may share your experiences to raise awareness or provide support around these issues, but be mindful not to glorify or encourage these behaviors in doing so.

I’m surprised it hasn’t been considered, considering youtube’s headaches with “pranks”


I was looking at this yesterday (i had asked to be given the guidelines) because the wording made some of it iffy. But if you were to say use the title of that specific section as a rule in and of itself. Then you could reasonably disallow that content on the platform.

*Keep content appropriate for a diverse audience.

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short answer I guess is report is under self harm :man_shrugging:t2:every app has that section so just make sure it’s actually self harm

just remember not all attention is good attention and always go for fame not infamy. Plus let’s be real liking a toilet for attention? No one will care in a week and you’re already long forgotten. So what do you gain really?