Can we stop talking about becoming "v*** famous"

Look so it seems to me a large number of people are already planning on how to “make it” or “get big” on v2. The reason this bothers me is because people aren’t talking about making good content they are just focusing on getting paid. When you put getting paid as your objective then content suffers. Look at youtube if you need proof everyone who has a monetized channel basically puts out daily vlogs and its all the same there’s no originality and content suffers. So please focus on making the best content you can and if you truly love it and put the work in the money will come just don’t put it above everything else or you will never make it. V2 is special we have been given a second chance to do what we love so lets respect our opportunity by putting out good content and not dumping bad content just to make a penny. Also because I feel like this might blow up imma say its 2018 we still respecting women and PROTECT LIL B AT ALL COSTS!


I agree completely. It seems like fame is several people’s goal with v2…and that shouldn’t be the case at all.

I think the goal should be to (as cliche as it sounds) have fun


I dunno, can we???

But for real, my goal is to do what makes myself and everyone else happy with my content and if that happens to make me famous, so be it. I kinda have the same belief for my YT channel.


yes always be true to yourself and make the content that makes you happy being famous on a platform should be a byproduct of good content not a main focus.


Everyone should just have fun with the new app, focusing on making good content in whatever genre they want, and supporting the community


Couldn’t have said it better myself :heart:


BootyGang I am also a disciple



I think it’s an unhealthy mindset to go into with the intention of making it big. There’s a lot of disappointment that comes with that in addition to less than quality content. The focus should always be on the content.


I was too late the last time because I was basically living under an internet rock. I love trying to make funny videos, it’s so much fun ^-^


yeah we should reduce the talk about popularity


I think many people were joking, but you do make a really important point. My whole reason for wanting to become an artist on V2 is to make people laugh and i really hope it will.


“My main goal is to blow up and then act like I don’t know nobody”


I agree with you wholeheartedly though

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I completley agree. Having goals to do well on this new platform doesn’t mean you get to overflow the app with garbage content and be idiots with it. I myself would love to see a new generation of content curators from this app, but I don’t want this app to be full of people who just want money. Content curators want to make good content, not money


Yea it was annoying me too but I didn’t feel like making a post about it.


On Youtube right now there’s a big lack of personalization I think. People tend to focus on the money whereas the people who just do what they like to do end up being more successful. Viewers like it when you’re genuine.


agreed!! it’s all that’s said when V2 is brought up, “omg! vine is coming back? i’m gonna be famous this time” plz refrain…!

Yes. Exactly. The reason “vines” were so good when they first came out was because they didn’t start off as something to promote yourself with. I think that’s the main issue behind day Instagram comedy. It’s more for the purpose of fame than it is for the purpose of making content that you’re proud of and want to share. That’s what V2 should be about.


The chance that you’re going to be famous is so slim, especially if making money is your main focus, rather than making quality content.

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