Can we stop doing this?

Hey fellow byters!

Bit of a serious topic I’m afraid. Over the past few days I’ve noticed a surge in posts mocking the coronavirus catastrophe.

Here’s a prime example;

I strongly feel it’s incredibly insensitive and we are better than this. The new coronavirus is not some tool to use to gain some traction, and if you think it is, frankly I find that completely inhumane. People are dying across the globe from this very real threat.

A number of influencers on other major platforms have been widely criticised and condemned, including the likes of vlogger Logan Paul and former UFC champ Joanna Jedrzejczyk. Why do we want to be like everyone else? To me Byte is a platform to build and nurture a community, not to alienate users. I understand some people might think it’s all just fun and games but the coronavirus is a serious problem affecting many people’s lives around the world and hopefully we can all continue to make this wonderful platform a happy place for all.

Please consider the offence you may cause to others, especially the people of Wuhan, before you post something mocking the coronavirus problem for the sake of a few loops.

We are better than this. :heart:

(Thanks to @annam for the advice).


Well, I see your point but I guess I’m guilty of it too with making videos about the Corona Virus.

But let’s look at it from another perspective. One, some videos are meant to spread awareness and not mock. Another, did you know that more people die from the common cold / flu than the Corona Virus? It’s just the mainstream media is highlighting Corona Virus more now.

I wouldn’t say most video are distasteful or offensive. Some might be but if we shred light on the subject matter and spread awareness, then I think it’s okay. Remember, Byte, like another social media platform, gives us the ability to voice our opinion whether it’s popular or not, but it’s our rights. If I don’t like someone’s content or find it offensive, then I simply don’t follow or even block. At least that’s my opinion and I could be wrong - who knows. - Henry


If you read my statement, I have no problem with posts spreading awareness about the virus, like a 6 second newsflash or update. I have a problem with people using the coronavirus as a joke for clout, especially when the content targets ethnicity.


Oh, didn’t see that in your statement - But i’m glad you voice your opinion. But you are right - there’s a fine line between educating / spreading awareness and mocking. People will be people - some people sense of humor is a bit more harsh than others and we just gotta accept it whether it’s on Byte, TikTok, YouTube, or even in the real world conversation.

But thanks again for posting this - cause it’s a serious virus. - Henry


a lot of these users are being xenophobic. maybe unintentionally but it’s still harmful to those from china and surrounding areas.


Just deleted mine. It was making fun of people making posts about it in the first place, but I agree with you guys. It was essentially made as clickbait when I first started a couple weeks ago. No thanks. Not anymore. There’s enough negative content out there. Was wrong to make and I’m sorry.


:heart: Spread the positivity.


Thank you for stepping up, man.


I don’t think there should be a problem with it. A lot of people used to make videos like this when the ebola virus was around. Never seen anything bad happen from it.


Glad I didn’t follow this trend but don’t feel like calling out people


This was very brave of you. Appreciate the honesty. :boxing_glove:

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Thank you for saying this. I live in Asia and in a city where everyone gets scared of the virus. Almost everyone on the street wear the mask. Do I have the virus? No. I am very healthy. I take supplement everyday and make sure my home and my office are very clean. People keep making fun and connection to the virus and chinese are, honestly, cunts. Remember ebola outbreak happened few years ago? People made jokes about black people and ebola. This shit is repeating itself.

Also this guys cut the videos from @senorpequenos @alexjakobz @erika and makes them look bad. I am friends with senor and alex. They are super friendly and hate people doing this to them. Alex even told me be careful and be safe. Erika is a nice girl as well, and she wouldn’t like people using her contents to create such byte.

(PS: if you follow me for a while, you know I am an OG byter and know where I live.)


Hope you are safe and well over there. As a note, in America, I wouldn’t call anyone the “C” word :blush: just a heads up, Henry

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Actually the “c” word is very common here… i will get into trouble when I go back to Canada haha


Yeah, the “c” is almost as bad as the “n” word here - I don’t care much if anyone said it but it’s a very sensitive matter in United States :blush:

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And I - adopts the european culture deeply

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To the insert expletive here users who have “meme’d” or clickbaited this global CATASTROPHE, I truly hope you realise how pathetic you are.

//a concerned global citizen

I stongly agree when it comes to ethnicity.

How I see things, is that as long as you aren’t being racist (a real problem in some coronavirus jokes) you should be fine with making videos about it. The audience of byte is not the audience that is really affected by the virus, and pretty much everyone is under 60 and don’t have underlying conditions (I realize it’s a generalization, and there are some people who do fit those descriptions on the app).

But to condemn mere jokes about coronavirus? I think it’s going too far. Byte should be a place where people aren’t afraid to voice opinions just because it’s “politically incorrect”

Anyways 60% of confirmed cases have already recovered, the virus isn’t really any more serious than the common flu, which has over 1 billion cases every year and ~600,000 deaths a year.

Drunk and high drivers kill more people than the coronavirus, (~1,300,000 deaths) Pretty much the only thing the virus beats is gun deaths. (~30,000 a year, around 18,000 of those were suicide)

Even then it’s still a deadly virus, so I am staying away from my grandparents to avoid risking it, washing my hands a lot, and staying home.

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on a serious note I think people can make jokes about it as if they don’t blame an entire race…

Like the “being quarantine together” etc

Also I just don’t really find them funny because I’ve seen it mentioned every other post for the past week or so.

But that post you shared it so fucking bad lmao, it’s so bad I laughed.

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