Can we revisit Moderation in Channels/tags/features?

Hi everyone,

Today I would like to address something that I feel very strongly about. Bytes front page is where all great community made ideas go to die. They dont dissappear, but instead they are mangled and its pieces thrown to every corner of the room until it no longer exists. How Spooky!

Featured hashtags are a great addition to the front page and they are a tremendous way to interact with and dive into bytes community… or they would be. One of my favorite byters recently made a trend I was happy to participate in and I was so excited my other friends also jumped in on it and it was featured! Thats so exciting!. However, before it was swapped out for a new hashtag, there was one issue… 23 of the 24 posts made in the hashtag after it was featured had nothing to do with the hashtag.

3postiviethings is the current hashtag. Since going up it has 11 new posts, and as you may have guessed where this is going… zero of them are relevant to the topic except for one person claiming they created the hashtag. I am not here to dispute that, just to question if it would be considered relevant to the tag.

Adding to this issue, the byte team has stated that they dont have the manpower to update every channel page as they are widely unused or underutilized.

I will address the spookyseason channel, which I will give credit that it is doing incredibly well and it is very on topic. There are very few off topic posts there. I dont know if this is natural or if this is moderated, but given the state of byte I am very impressed.

I believe setting a precedent for how to engage with fellow members through participation, rather than hijacking tags, will make the app better. I have made a handful of statements and/or jokes in regards to becoming a byte moderator, but I would like to make it clear right now that I believe that the team should consider assembling a group of users who can update channel spotlights as well as check in on temporary/seasoonal channels, view featured and popular hashtags, and have the ability to simply untag and unrelated post from a topic. I would be happy to be on a team like this and I know ive spoken at length to active members such as @horndizz who would also be happy to accept an opportunity like this.

This is not about me, so back to my point, I believe a change like this would be favorable for bytes image as a whole, and I know that even if it wasnt me there are MANY members of this community that would be happy to participate in a project like this.

Thanks for reading this far, have a good day folks.


It would be good to have a system that required at least two mods to remove a byte that way there isn’t as much subjectivity and isn’t as personal


Hypothetically if something like this was put in place I’d imagine there’d be a vetting process to who would be accepted so that one persons judgement could be trusted as acting in the interest of the app.

If that couldn’t be achieved, one person pushing a video into another persons inbox to view, so to speak, also sounds fair

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