Can we reach 100?


Guys right now I’m at 43, join the :crown: Royal family so we can reach 100!!


have to say I liked the songs. Also thought the fade skit you did on IG was pretty funny. Reminded me of high school freshmen year in many ways :rofl:

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Thank you lol Im working on a couple songs rn, and I hoped for the fade video to be a hit lol

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Subscribed. Well, I subed before this post, but this reply is to bump lol

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Awesome, I lost a sub for some reason so now I’m at 42 lol

The audacity… When you commit, commit

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Right?? That kinda sucked, I’m moving backwards instead of forward

That video had me legit laughing. Reminded of my days in high school when people said that kind of stuff :rofl:

I still say it tbh lol :joy:


Honestly haven’t heard that word in a while to be honest. Used to go to a majority black high school at one point and heard that word a lot more, then transferred to mostly white one in my last years. Just reminded about that year. Some funny times :laughing: