Can we make jokes if we have a dark humor

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Ok soooo I agree with this, I’ve been through some stuff and how I cope with that is through dark humor… like I make jokes about myself to kinda lighten the blow of my past failures and I wanna know if we’ll be able to maybe make jokes abt drugs (not hard drugs, for the most part)… like obviously we’re not doing them but can we make jokes abt doing them.


Yes, I think all jokes will be allowed on the app since it was allowed on vine, and the biggest vine stars had a dark/inappropriate sense of humour.


When I originally made that post, it was with the intention of bringing to light the gigantic holes in my psyche that resort to the darkest of dark humor. I’m sure you, @Breahcaleo, can understand how it’s a coping mechanism. I believe people in that post were under the assumption that I would be using dark humor on others, when in actuality, they were right.

I have to self censor most of my posts because I begin typing and, by the end, it sounds like a personal attack when it’s more of a satirical observation dripping heavily with sarcasm and a dose of “that’s fucked up”. I’ve been getting censored since Go (other forms of media, not here) and one of the biggest complaints modern comedians have is the fact that, yes, there are people who cannot take a joke and so, we are afraid to make that joke.

Situations arise that have me completely flabbergasted at how anyone could not understand that the person was proving a point using offbeat humor. They start the joke with an explanation of how the situation was terrible/ridiculous/whatever and then provide a satirical representation of the situation, complete with various explanations throughout, and are still called out for innapropriateness. It’s mind boggling when someone quotes George Carlin, the king of social commentary, and says “We don’t have comedians like him anymore” and it’s like “We would if people didn’t get offended by everything.”

This type of humor is, of course, different from malicious or derogatory humor, and there is a huge difference. People shut down when their beliefs are being made fun of, and they take it personally when it’s not a personal attack. If someone makes a joke about gun control, every person (hyperbole) who owns a gun is offended, regardless of if the joke lambasts the governments understanding of gun control. “Something I like is being attacked = I’m being attacked” should not be the default.

Well, that stretched out much longer than I anticipated, even rambled a little bit. Feel free to ignore it.

Kane out.


I understand exactly where you are coming from… like I said I used dark humor to cope with thing I’ve been through so in daily life I might seem like a negative person to others but I’m reality I’m not… people most definitely get offended way to easy and yes they are quick to shut down what offends them even if it wasn’t targeted at them… it’s a mess, but we’ll get through it :blush:

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The point of making another thread was kind of not needed since you stated your continuing the thread.

Anywyas I agree with both


I think that we should be able to, definitely. if they’re that dark then I guess there could be an age restriction or something, but in general I think that dark humour should be fine if used properly


I agree with @annsquake that this should be age restricted. But the problem with this is that some people can take it too far


It should be allowed, as long as it isn’t harming or influencing people TOO much i guess, plus its allowed in other sites, i don’t think it should be different here


I definitely see where you going with this

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dark jokes to me consist of school shootings and i wouldn’t allow dark humor like that

Well I think we have a different opinion of dark humor, which is ok, because I don’t think joking about school shooting is acceptable especially now.


yah i don’t think we’d be censored for humor. unless… well you know

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totally for Dark humor. not sure i would do em haha cus one small wrong move and itl be a career ender. i cant find a fine line

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I frikin love dark humour.

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I agree we all have different opinions on dark humor but school shooting jokes aren’t funny regardless.

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I think we should limit suicide related jokes but that’s about all

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Dark humor comedy about current events really isn’t deemed appropriate for most people. Said individuals will try to get to a moral high ground above you by pointing out how “Wow1!! I can’t believe u would say such a thing, u should loose all that money(job) you’ve made for being offensive to my beliefs”. It satisfies the masses to rally against someone and point them out as villains. Social media becoming mainstream is definitely thinning the view of what we can say and joke about online and real life(can’t show sarcasm in plain text either, so that’s confusing).

I honestly enjoy dark humor since it makes me laugh at the imminent doom we’re all destined to go to (death) and the complete absurdity of how we proclaim to be the smartest being on the planet but we let mentally unstable and irrational teenagers easily purchase guns at 18, while not being able to get drunk until they’re 21(depends, I know) :thinking: “Woops I can’t show myself holding this beer but this kill switch looks dope on my lanky hands I use to jack off daily”

But to a degree I agree that there have to better ways to tell jokes rather than just using the shock value and calling it “dark humor”. That’s just lazy.

Joke about how kids are dumb for taking bullying to serious? that’s Inappropriate not everyone agrees with that, nobody should be the victim of a bully So let me tell you what to do:

It’s 2018 man, if you get hit by this said bully (I’m picturing a stereotypical jock from the 80s named Slab), give out the LOUDEST, LARGEST, DISTINGUISHABLE PLEASURE MOAN YOU CAN. Pretend you enjoy the naming, and physical abuse while calling him daddy, Nothing’s better than a jock being scared away by their own questionable sexuality. I mean jock straps scream ‘I’m kinky’

But if that fails(it probably will), you’ll either make him leave you alone out of fear of what they don’t understand or you’ll get a new gay boyfriend… But what if you aren’t gay you say? Just tell him you are saving yourself for marriage and break up with him after a while. Break his heart like he broke your bones. That’ll show him!

Giving funny solutions to how to stop the bullying? Better.
I might have been even more risky in that bit counting that I included bullying and the LGBTQ+ community in a sense… but for me this was better than just saying somethin that’s completely out of touch like “Worst news since they’re parents told them to get a summer job” Tweet , Kids died Dinesh stfu.
There are ways to do jokes that cross the pc line without offending people, you just have to be smart about it. Not that I think I’m funny or anything :rofl: this are just my thoughts.

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You’re most definitely entitled to your opinion. What I mean as dark humor is nothing more than drug reference, and to some that’s dark and offensive but I certainly don’t want to cross the line bu joking about killing someone or anything of that nature; I like to think of myself as a pacifist…

YES please to the dark humor!!!

but like all humor, it can either be executed well or badly. and i think that should be the v2 community’s to judge whether the creator, as an individual and within the context, went too far.

in my opinion, imposing a bunch of vague restrictions on what should / shouldn’t constitute as comedy takes out the freedom of speech and creativity and fun out of the platform


I somewhat agree with you but, I think anything can be joked about. There is absolutely no merit to censor ourselves when it comes to comedy but if a joke is bad and offensive then the person making it should be prepared for the backlash. In no means should you be attacked legally for your right to express yourself, even if the world thinks it’s wrong. So while drugs are considered a taboo topic, you have the freedom to say whatever you want. Just beware of the certain “My kids are in this app!” “I don’t want my kids thinking weed is cool!” comments you’ll get. Smarty pants tend to joke about doing drugs while convincing others not to do them :thinking: but people can always take you out of context.

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