Can we make byte better this year?

2020 hasn’t been a good year for byte obviously. So what can we do to make it better as a community?


i do not think we can make it better (no i do not accept criticism)


2020 was an amazing year for the community. Let’s not kid ourselves. If you haven’t found your group you will, but I feel like I’m friends with every active member here.

If you want byte to be better every day, than the rules to make it so are the same as they always have been. Engage on everyone’s stuff. Say hi to people you like. Create as much as your energy allows. Participate in tags because you want to. When people sit around and wait for a tag to go trending, the tag is already dead and invaded by the clout kiddies.

Treat byte like it’s already the app you want it to be


byte is good in its core but has no redeemable quality besides it’s previous form as one of the greatest social media platforms to exist