Can we have a cringe category pleeaaaseee?!?!

All in favor for a cringe category like this post! And comment why you want the Cringe category to come into fruition!!

I would love a Cringe Category. Why you might ask? BECAUSE WE ALL NEED IT IN OUR LIVES!!! Can you imagine the beautiful cringeworthy content that we can produce as a community?! I have scrolled through the depths of Byte, i have seen magnificent monstrosities and I know a good amount of you are waiting for such a category to exist.
I ask all who are in agreement of making this Category become reality to please speak your mind on this!


Your quick, I support :love_you_gesture:t4::star2:

Thanks @electronicant78 :slightly_smiling_face:


But a cringe category? Ah… I can already feel the cringe😂

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The post is soooo CRINGE. Good job!


Thank you, that’s the goal! Hopefully we can make this happen :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

I co-sign this idea.

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People have been posting a lot of horror themed stuff today (idk why) and I was enjoying it :rofl::rofl: I think that it would be a nice addition :rofl::grin::rofl:

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That will also be a great idea horror category maybe a halloween event?

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Well I remember back on Vine that some ppl like to do horror themed stuff all the time, so I think having a channel for that would be nice and maybe that channel could trend for Halloween?

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A cringe category? Now THIS is something that’ll bring a lot of TikTok users over to us!

Lmao :point_right::clown_face::point_right:


It’ll bring ALOT of people in i believe. Deff alot of activity

But for real guys a cringe category will be awesome

Cringe category would be packed

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it will relieve the comedy category a bit as well

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But like… That’s my entire channel

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i truly think this will be an awesome idea @dom

People have pretty much ruined the word cringe for me. I miss when it was more niche.

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So youre telling me the word cringe makes you…CRINGE? :rofl:

Nah. Just weary lol

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Well im sorry to hear that, cringe is beautiful in my eyes