Can We Get An Update? (Popular Demand by the Newbies)

Y’all, what a day it’s been. I’ll keep this short and to the point. They. Want. An. Update. Idk wanna seem pushy because I know byte is prolly working really hard right now especially because of all the new engagement! But, this new user just commented on my byte asking for an update that shows our follower count. I KNOW this has been talked about before don’t hurt me mods, but I felt it needed to made into a new thread because it comes from new users at a very high and popular demand! That is all. :heart:

Also pls don’t mind zayn :joy::joy: this is my old phone wallpaper :weary: he cute tho


They also really want to be able to like comments, I got lots of that on my tutorial videos.


And oh my gosh the amount of videos and latest claiming that they’re looking for “altbyte” I almost think it would be funny if it was its own category.

I also wonder if when some of the changes were made if they were announced in a way that gave some of these people some sort of confirmation like they are actually conditioning and contributing to the change.

They seem to have a few figureheads at the moment who are very influential., chlamydiaa, and kennac. All young women that have carved out a space as leaders which is very interesting. Each one of them kind of occupied in their own category, being comedy, trash, and noupload respectively.


I really see no reason other people need to see each others’ follower count. That would be so people could boast about their count or just to always follow whoever is deemed the most popular. I see something like this turning into a toxic followers game. There would be less authenticity in following people from actually enjoying their content.

Edit: I am on board with liking comments since that is another way of positively interacting :+1:t3:


I think that’s completely fair, I think there is a level to all this where they also have to realize that they have to conform a bit to our ways too. We can’t just completely give in to them. They are so used to having numbers mean everything that they’re kind of flustered right now. And maybe that’s a good thing, it’s hard to tell.


Actually, don’t make this a category, alt TikTok is underground and they don’t want to be in a category or easily accessible, it’s like a well-known secret club. They’ll use hashtags and follow each other to create alt Byte. Thats basically how it works on TikTok.

I think we should hold tight on the follower counts staying private, I was asked a bunch of times about this on my tutorial videos and when I explained it’s done to prevent clout chasing they seemed to get it. But they do like their “kings” and “queens” so not sure if they’ll stay happy with it.


I figured that might be the case with the altstuff. but I guess I’m just at a point where I think we definitely need to get more categories up. Video games being a very notable one. I almost wonder if politics would be a good idea? But I think that could get pretty spicy.

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Please please no to politics.

It would be spicy in the sense of @senorpequenos and his Dorito’s :taco: from :taco: :bell:.

It’s hard enough to find :roll_of_toilet_paper: as it is.

I don’t the :poop: :volcano: that politics would be on byte.


Fair enough, I’m just trying to look into latest videos I’ve seen concerning topics that we haven’t even recommended yet. But yeah maybe politics and alt would not be the best idea. but there should definitely be more categories at the very least if those aren’t part of it.

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I’m all for more categories/channels too.

I’m sure it’s possible to do politics civilly. I just have no idea how. :man_shrugging:
Either it’s an echo chamber, or a Thunderdome mosh pit from what I’ve seen.

I’m all for education, Video games, and maybe some other channels though.

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Please Byte devs, DON’T, add a follower count. Please please please pretty please. I hate number chasing and even those who aren’t interested start tracking it if it’s there. One of the best aspects of Byte is it’s lack of data projection, harvesting and aggregation, please keep it that way.


Lmao everyone hates the idea of it yet it’s like the easiest feature to add and every app has it! We can’t even (for ourselves) know how many ppl we follow unless we manually count and that’s not an issue I guess but I get like this weird thing w my eyes if I focus on digital screen to much and that tends to happen when scrolling through a list of names so close together :joy::weary: this is just prolly me tho


I actually like the idea of giving users the option to show follower count or keep it hidden. I’ve seen this done on YouTube we’re a lot of ppl will have their follower count hidden especially at the beginning when their page is smaller and will display their follower count as they get a larger following.

Allowing users to keep their follower count hidden (especially at the beginning) is good because it will allow ppl to follow users genuinely if they like their content, not because of a number. But, as as page grows a larger following, it doesn’t need that “protection” anymore; showing the follower count can actually be helpful in helping a page grow.

Since there are actually benefits on keeping the follower count hidden and also showing it, I believe that Byter’s should be given the option to display that number or not.


If alt tiktok was created as a rebellion against the tiktok mainstream, then is this subculture necessary on a new platform that they have not yet explored?

I say make the channel for these folks to interact and find one another and let them decide if “rebellion” is really necessary here for themselves.


I actually hope they don’t add a like comment button

What. Why?

I think one part of the beauty of Byte is that there is no follower count. You can see yours but no one else can. You can put it in your bio but who knows if the number is true or updated. Byte is for creating for yourself, not for clout. And once follower counts are added, especially with people coming from tiktok where clout was EVERYTHING, the whooooole app is gonna change for the worse


Idk If i agree all the way but I totes respect ya :heart:
Numbers don’t make it about clout, the ppl obsessed w them do.


Getting flashbacks to elementary :pensive:

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If they enable showing follower counts it will immediately turn into a dick-size contest. As appealing as that may be for some, it will really change the dynamic of the community, probably not for the better. Hoping it stays permanently hidden.

Interestingly, the TikTok kids seem to like having it hidden, which is a big difference from the launch-day crowd, many of whom complained about not being able to see followers.