Can we film from a camera, edit on a different editing software?

Can we film from a camera, edit on a different editing software (like final cut pro x) and the just drag it from our desktop and drop it to upload on the v2 website and then publish it?

I know there’s a prior thread that talks about this

Long story short: yes, stay tuned for official posts

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Here’s a couple of topics about editing :slight_smile:

Check them out :smiley:

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Very good question because there were videos that had really good quality and I don’t think they used there phone to record and edit

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Dom confirmed this would be a thing here so you should go check that out. Please remember to search before writing new posts so that we can avoid duplicates and split discussions. Thanks! :raised_hands:

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I wonder the ex people made it look so good

maybe not through this method but you will certainly be able to upload. in the early days, you had to go through a third party software to hack the vine software and upload that way (Vine Client was a chrome attachment that allowed this & there were other methods earlier on). it’s possible that there may be an attempt early on for v2 to be an “all natural” thing (meaning that only in-app videos will be considered ethical) but this mentality will die out pretty quickly if it ever manifests. uploads are 100% inevitable on v2 in my opinion

EDIT: looks like @dom already confirmed this. uploads are included in v2

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So it would not be as easy as I made it sound?

I’m confussed

it’s not certain yet how you’ll be able to upload. the v2 UX should be pretty intuitive, though. i’m sure it will be easy

Ok got what your saying