Can we create the new trend? For v2 or worlwide?

What if all of us gather together and create a trend?
A # to it for when the app comes out.

I want to see your ideas so I can make a poll and vote. It would be good for us to start off with a trend and help promote the app.

  • #NewStarNewMe
  • #IntroduceForV2
  • #V2IsOutChallenge(We can think of something)
  • #6SecondsChallenge(Make someone smile)

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I’m ready for suggestions :boom::sunglasses:

#NewStartNewMe is the best, represent the rebirth of us and V2


That’s exactly what I thought. But I love the #6secondsChallenge too.

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The #6secondsChallenge i think that would be more viral but not unique


This app will give new creators a chance to get known since we haven’t had a start of a new platform in awhile so I picked #NewStarNewMe, there could be a better way to word that. Maybe like #ANewGeneration of stars or something.

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The #NewStartNewMe was my first idea. Because I wanted to represent the reborn of an app and era. At first I wanted to put new V2 new me. But it sounds bad and shady. I do agree #6SecondsChallenge is more practical and viral name.


I honestly was brainstorming on ways to rename it. But #NewStartNewMe was the one that I couldn’t stop thinking of.

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perfect 10 char

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Once we decide which one is the perfect # we could make a 2nd poll with both # or some more.

I think the same

#ANewGenerationReborn - ed ?

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Not bad, i like it more than #6SecondsChallenge hahaha :smile:

Cool, i would like a TT with something about the Reborn

#TheRebornOfAStar ? @Super @jennifer ?

Imagine this on Twitter global trends

Bumping xx

I thought more of an hashtag to share the app and not for a video trend because people can do challenges on every platform they want and so here are what I came with: #ClapForNewApp #V2GreetsYou

I think #NewStarNewMe is not the best idea because it passes a selfish image that in my opinion it’s not right

1- The # will be for the app. So we, the forum start we a trend Wich could give us more of a chance to get known.
2- The # will be shared in another platform with the V you made in V2, so when people see the # it will probably say Send with V2 .
3- People seeing a # with funny Vs and creative ones will be courious about the app and download it.

This is what I think. But I can be wrong.