Can we choose the thumbnail for our byte videos? 🥺

Hey, I’d really love it if creators were able to choose the frames from the video of the byte OR EVEN choose/ make a selected photo/video as the thumbnail!!

I really want my account to physically look presentable and consistent however the thumbnails really ruin it for me :frowning:

P.S - if you’re wondering, i know how to edit a few frames in however when using others sounds it messes up with the match up of the audio and video


Yeah they should our thumbnails, like TikTok that would be amazing.

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You can pretty much do this by adding a few frames of what you want at the start of your byte. If it’s short enough it won’t show in the byte as it loops but will be the thumbnail in notifications. Obviously with the boomerang style on grid view, you’d need it slightly longer for it to only show it.


Honestly I’d like this too.


Neat workaround but absurdly complicated and not user friendly

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It’s no more complicated than basic video editing or a quick tap of the screen in byte cam. I’d call it a straight forward workaround for an absurd request :joy:

I’d say it’s a bit of both

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What’s absurd about wanting to customize the thumbnail of your video? You can do it on YouTube.

I know that this isn’t youtube, but there is certainly an argument for those of who would either…

A) like to create a certain aesthetic for their page
B) maybe want to hide something that might be spoiled by the thumbnail
C) pick a more eye catching thumbnail that would get a certain video noticed more.

Especially the third option. There are a few videos from someone’s page that I’d like to go straight to, but if all of there thumbnails are similar it’s gonna take a minute. Whereas, if I’m looking for “the one with a velociraptor singing ‘Sweet Caroline’ it would be so much easier if the thumbnail was said velociraptor.

It’s not that absurd. And not everyone knows “basic video editing.” Expanding in-app editing features would be lovely.


Yessss this would make byte accounts so much more pleasing to look at.

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I know how to add in a few frames for a thumbnail but the wasted second at the start really makes it difficult to match up the video with the audio I’ve borrowed from other creators. It’s extremely rude to call someone’s simple request as something as harsh as ‘absurd’. If you get riled up by 1 harmless request then I think the internet ain’t the place for you…



Exactly, not everyone wants to pull out a video editor and make exact measurements for a 16-second video that would take at least one minute to post if the option we’re already to be there😀 the most basic of video apps allow you to select a frame for what you want your thumbnail to be.



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That ideasl you gave should also be a necessity we should have had in the app time ago

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