Can u guys help me

Nothing like you’re thinking, they’re amazing, dont worry.

This is totally random, and no judgement obviously, but I feel super uncomfortable typing in your username with my wife next to me lmao


It be like that sometimes

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tw: abuse, suicide


Well my father was too old to have gotten my mom pregnant at 14. He was 20 when I was born. But they both came from abusive homes and he was physically abusive toward her.

She left me with my grandmother (dad’s mom) when I was two and ran off with a guy. Like teenagers do. I went back and fourth between grandparents and parents at minimum every couple years. Often more. I never spent two years in a row in the same school. I experienced a lot of different kinds of abuse during this time. I felt like a piece of furniture people felt too guilty getting rid of but didn’t want.

I had my first mental health hospitalization at 13. Lots of things happened before and after but I had begun being abused by a 23 year old. My mom had me locked up. Then signed over her rights to the state.

I became emancipated at 17 and have been on my own since.

I lost my father to suicide in 2011. My mom and I are trying to heal things but it’s really hard for me.

And there is my abbreviated life story.


you should prolly put tw: abuse, suicide
like all the triggering content ?? does that make sense

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The whole generation thing is really interesting to me.

I’m a big analytics guy, and trends are a real thing.

History absolutely repeats itself.

I’ve had the opportunity to speak to all kinds of people who went through crazy stuff. Being out in concentration camps, POW’s, who left school to go to WW2, were in Russia when it was BAD, saw the Berlin Wall fall, all kinds of crazy stories.

Like when you sit down and look at all the craziness - good and bad, humanity has been through just in the last 100 or so years.

I sat down and started writing down just some of the things other gens have dealt with and it’s :scream:


I’m not gonna heart that, cause that feels wrong, but I am happy you shared and very happy you’re in such an awesome place now despite all that. That’s an accomplishment.




it’s always bad in Russia… they do the same things they did back when in my parents left :crazy_face:

That sounds like having a teen mom sucked im sorry :pleading_face:

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We should definitely chat sometime. I feel like that would be a good time :slight_smile:

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The great thing is we all have different stories. I know there are some teen moms who are really doing their best.

To be fair to my mom, I don’t think she knew how to do anything else. I think becoming a parent at that age after all the trauma she had endured was just too much. That is why I am working really hard to forgive and have a relationship with her. Not because she is miraculously a better person, but because I know how hard life can be and I can’t say I would have survived had I been in her shoes. Being a parent is hard and scary. And it’s wonderful. But mostly life is hard on many of us and we have to make room for understanding their journies.


When did they leave?


I’m pretty sure parenthood is proof Karma exists.


and that’s why you adopt dogs


True that. My best friend and his wife are DINK (Dual Income No Kids) and have way more money and way way more free time than we do haha

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that’s a lot of cats :eye::eye:

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This was in regards to like Stalin era gulag stuff, and when the KGB was just disappearing people.

I know it’s not “good” now though.

So what year do you think it stopped lol?