Can u guys help me


hi guys i found out i can do a lot of stuff now so heres a poll and some other stuff

ok guys im posting the poll below so which generation is better??


guys my poll doesnt work :crying_cat_face:

im not sure if you can make a poll in a drop down

Gen z

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It’s a tie. We both suck.


You got to teach me how to do that


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  • Gen Z
  • Millennials

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I obstain. Frankly my gen z children could turn on me at any moment.

And my husband is gen x.

Don’t make me choose. I’m alone here!


im switching my vote; Gen Z’s got plenty of jokes, and my millennial humor is somewhat corny


All this generation talk makes me itch to talk about generations cause it was one of the big things I studied in college. That wouldn’t go ever well unfortunately lol


do it


Ya ok just cause it’s been killing me I’ll do a quick thing on millenials.

So generations aren’t defined by time frames (like every one isn’t just 10 years, or 15 years) they’re defined by shared experience. Millenial is from 1985-1996 and is largely defined by the huge progression of technology during that time period. Millenials were often children when they either didnt have internet or had dial up, they had huge TVs and VCRs, if they had cell phones they were flip phones or Nokias, etc etc. Over a very short period of time they all went from that to 60’ flatscreens, high speed internet, smart phones, blu-ray, etc etc. The millenial cut off is 96 but is more formally recognized as anyone that remembers the events of 9/11.


So are xennials/bridge generations a thing? Because I hear different early ranges for millennials but most of them start in 1981.

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when you are gen z but had a flip phone, and watched all the cartoons/shows that millennials watched: :pensive:


Short answer: Kinda.

Long answer: Gen X is tricky to define cause it’s usually called “the forgotten generation”. Where millennials are defined by the technology boom, 9/11, and the following wars, and boomers are defined by Vietnam, Gen-X doesnt really have anything big and defining. They’re just kinda the in between of those two huge defining moments. Sounds kinda harsh but that’s just how its defined. So Xennial is recognized publically, but not by experts, because people 80-84 were still youngish during 9/11 and the boom but it doesnt define large aspects of their childhood. The most important thing to remember about generations is they’re all defined by childhoods.


I was born in December 82 and my husband in 79. We had culturally very different childhoods but maybe I just feel abnormally generationally flexible. I am on the cusp of freaking everything. :joy_cat:

What was your area of study?


I feel ya. I was born in 96’ and my wife in 92’. So we are in the same boat as you guys lol


Man, I’m fucking old.