Can there be more monitoring of people using the same jokes?

I just don’t think other people should moderate accused copied work, other than the person who originally made the content, because the other people might wrongfully label someone’s video as copied when it truly isn’t


Most of our jokes are dad jokes and we get hate all the time cause other TikTokers have done it before - so if u gonna throw hate in my comments, all I’m thinking is thanks for the engagements :blush:

And if I see a good skit that I can put a twist on, we always ask if we can recreate and give credit to the original creator - and most of the time, they say yes.


We don’t need more monitoring on the app, we need more creative freedom so that creators feel free to make whatever they want (within the community guidelines). More restrictions, more moderating, all to prevent a few people from making old jokes or posting in the wrong channel? That just stifles creativity and demotivates creators.

You are not going to like every video you come across. If you don’t, just keep scrolling, it’s not a huge imposition. If you don’t like old, recycled jokes, don’t follow creators who make them. Put a little effort into curating your own feed so you see more of what you like.


If there shouldn’t be monitoring there shouldn’t be rules on channels.

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Well we definitely need some moderating. Otherwise, what’s stopping someone from putting a video of them singing in “/dance”?

I guess we could wait until something like this happens again since these new channels were introduced after Mother’s day.

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I didn’t say get rid of monitoring, I said we don’t need more monitoring and restrictions than there are already.