Can there be more monitoring of people using the same jokes?

On Mother’s Day I saw about 10 posts of people saying something along the lines of, I’ll be you’re mom.
I don’t mind people making jokes they’ve seen elsewhere into bytes. But can there be a separate page for recycled jokes so I don’t have to see them under /funny in the future?


Luckily there are now mods with the new update who are making sure people posting under each category and luckily “don’t steal jokes” is one of the rules so hopefully this won’t be a problem much longer🤞


Hahah hopefully, I’m interested to see how they’ll determine what’s considered “stolen.”


I’d hope that it includes jokes we’ve heard over and over lol. I’d agree I don’t want to see the same thing repeated

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Lol I wonder how many more “my ex is trash” videos will be made now that there’s a trash category :skull:


That is a severely grey area to tap into and moderate. There are posts that are line-by-line obvious ripoffs, then there are posts that have the same message with fairly similar verbiage. I don’t think something like “I’m your mom now” can be moderated too heavily, as while it’s repetitive and can be seen as joking, it can also be seen as supportive to those who might have otherwise been having a tough day (using that particular example).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for catching people out on lack of originality, but where is the line drawn between repetitive from a joke standpoint, repetitive from a message standpoint, and repetitive from a possible meme standpoint? I personally abhor the whole “meme” trend, but it seems to be something people are clamoring for, 'round these parts.


Yeah i guess a “I’m your mom” isn’t the best example of a repetitive and unoriginal joke. I’m thinking about a joke like “you know when you have gum and everyone wants your gum” or “tfw the microwave is about to beep and you have to mad dash” and other relatable overdone jokes.

Edit: because even if a joke is told with slightly different words or in a different style it can still be clearly a stolen or recycled joke. If someone takes it and changes the joke up where the punchline is different then thats another thing.


Something as vague and common of that isn’t really stealing/copying.
Unoriginal, yes, but it’s more of a “this was the obvious choice” thing, and less of “this person actively took this joke from somebody/something else”.

There’s also 101 ways to play that joke- the found family/protective way, the “I’ll have sex with your dad” way, the you can call me mommy the way some people call their boyfriend daddy way. I might have missed it, but I didn’t see much exact repetition of it.

Like, for instance, I think it was you who posted the video making a joke about how all female covers of songs sound the same these days? That “indie singer” joke has also been done a lot. I’ve seen full YouTube versions making fun of it…heck, Ariana grande did her own version of it during jimmy fallon. It was still funny because it was a slightly different take on it.


From Byte’s point of view, they can’t and should not do anything. It’s too much power in their hands. I don’t think they’d want to be moderating the content 'cause then they’d be opening themselves up for accusations for content manipulation or favourism.

It needs to be left to the viewers. So if this happens to you and you don’t like it, you block them so that they don’t get your likes and views, and you hinder their success. In essence, you could even look at it as people “getting cancelled” for doing it. Which actually has happened in the history of Byte.


Yeah some jokes are almost public domain because of how often they’re told so I wonder if that qualifies as “stolen” to the byte staff or not

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Ideally with more users it would be easier to just have those vids not do well simply bc they aren’t the best and people will like them less. But rn thats not the case


I agree, byte should not have the power. Just try to not copy peoples work and that will keep the repetitiveness lower. If someone did steal your work. Just call them out or report them or block them.


I guess my point is: how is it “clearly stolen/recycled”?

I remember, back in the ol’ Vine days, making a joke using my #justwhovianthings tag (any Doctor Who fans in the chat? look up the tag, add to it!) only to see that another user had made a post nearly identical to the one I had made, only several minutes prior. Neither of us followed the other, and I only happened to find it because of a generic tag… In this instance, I made sure to shout out the person and share their post as well as mine, for good faith reasons.

Of course, this goes back to a conversation from an earlier forum post about comedy and its blurred lines. I completely understand the ire and frustration of seeing multiple iterations of the same message (joke or otherwise) but when you delve into the murky grey and start bandying out the idea of “moderating” that message, it could get the community and the developers into unnecessary trouble.

Then again, this is all rhetorical, and I believe we have similar views on how comedy especially should be produced and presented (your “Deer Diary” post from the other day had me cackling, by the way) so I don’t think you nor I have anything to worry about as far as “moderation” is concerned. Still, it is an interesting subject to converse about.


Not gonna lie, the problem with this Byte Forum as a whole (which is why I barely get on the forum) is people on here try to mold Byte the app the way the forum is molded instead of just an app. (I feel like I’m the only one who knows what I’m trying to say)

I’m all for creativity and hate “unoriginality” but imagine how hard what your requesting is going to be when actual new users join this app. It’s an app, not the forum. You can’t moderate everything.

The best solution…don’t like it. Besides, If someone is stealing content (and is actually successful in making a following from it) they will get called out on it. The app or developed don’t have to do a thing

(Ex. Look at airry on Byte, the problem resolved itself without a moderator stepping in when it’s not necessary)


500% agree, you can’t design an app around power users (like us on the forums) - it needs to be geared towards the masses and more casual users.

Byte makes the platform, and enables us to do the things we do. If people use it for the wrong reasons, we’d better be the ones that figure it out (aside from breaking ToS, then Byte will step in).


Thanks you! Lol I really thought I’d get heat for saying this.:joy: (Even though I won’t care if I did)


Yeah it’s definitely a grey and weird area. Probably the best thing to do is only moderate when a joke is clearly stolen from one person like verbatim or its a very unique joke. Not jokes necessarily that are “overdone”. Probably be best to leave those for the community to filter through and “vote” on by either liking it or not. (And im glad u liked the deer diary byte lollll😅)


I totally get where you’re coming from but how would trends work then…


I think if you think your video has been copied, that YOU should report the video that copied you. If that’s not enough maybe get all of the users to know that this video copied yours so that they know the content was yours. That’s at least what other apps do and it tends to work. If you see someone else’s video copied, just notify the person so that they can take action. You might not know the full story for other people’s work and might wrongfully accuse someone of stealing work.


Ah yeah, mommy wasn’t a good example. I was just thinking those people were repeating an old tweet I had seen I had seen up pop every Mother’s Day.
And I was thinking maybe there should be a meme or trends category for those ones. I said I didn’t have a problem with people making that content at all haha