Can someone tell me what the hell is going on!

Is v2 not happening at all? Is this just a setback? is there anything we as a community can do? Is this just a delay? How long will this delay be? OEVO = Copyright? ‘Supporting the other apps’???

Someone please discuss this with me or give me more information!

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Simply put: @Dom underestimated the costs so as of now it is put on hold until the financial issues are resolved. v2 has NOT been cancelled, just setback. OEVO was just a rip-off of the original Vine. There are no copyright or trademark concerns between v2 and OEVO.


As dom said, v2 gave a step backwards instead of being forwards

That’s where I’m confused man, Dom made a post a few months ago saying that we should not support apps like OEVO and other apps similar to vine, now he is? Thats a very bad sign to people who want V2 to happen because he’s basically encouraging us to join v2’s competition.

I think he knows people are disappointed. They’ve been waiting for so long, and are being let down all of a sudden. Dom doesn’t really want to hurt anyone longer (i don’t think he really is), so he’s just giving them these as options. It kinda makes me want to cri ;-;

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I’m not trying to be disrespectful to Dom and the team but surely they would’ve had some kind of idea about expenses and legal regulations considering they made the App before and are experienced developers. And the community i think has every right to be pissed off because 4 months of hype has ended with “Well there are other apps out there” basically.

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Let’s just hope Dom doesn’t hand some of his magic and codes to Oveo or other upcoming apps! :crossed_fingers:t2:

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He did say he’d be helping them…not sure what he meant by that

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He didnt know that the tweet was going to get that much attention